With weapons and drugs, they arrest 7 of "Los Rodolfos"

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Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City detained seven members of "The Rudolphs."

Through his social network arrested in possession of weapons and drugs.

"Thanks to citizen complaints and work by investigation carried out by #SSC staff and @FiscaliaCDMX, 7 people linked to a criminal cell that operated in @Alcaldia_Coy were arrested; Firearms and narcotics were seized. With your trust, we continue working," he published this Monday.

His arrest It was carried out during five searches carried out by police elements in coordination with authorities from the capital's Prosecutor's Office.

The first diligence It was in a property, located on Retorno Street, in the Avante neighborhood, where they seized two bags with possible bulk marijuana and a bag with several doses of possible cocaine in stone.

He second search occurred in the Tercer Andador de Elvira Vargas, Culhuacán CTM Ninth Section neighborhood, in which a man was detained and inside the house they assured 68 doses of possible cocaine and 100 of marijuana, a firearm and 35 useful cartridges.

On Plan de Ayala Street, in the Popular Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, the officers completed the third commandment judicial in a house, where they detained two men and two women, they also seized 68 sachets with possible cocaine, eight doses with a substance in stone and a bag with apparent dope in bulk.

For the fourth search, the uniformed They executed him on Hacienda Chinameca Street, Popular Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, where they detained a 28-year-old man and seized 101 doses of possible marijuana, 98 packages of probable cocaine, and various documentation.

The last police action was carried out on Antonia Nava Coapa Street, Carmen Serdán neighborhood, where they detained a 29-year-old subject and seized a short weapon. two cartridges92 doses of apparent cocaine and 99 packages of possible marijuana.

The detainees were identified as Abraham, alias "The goat", who has a record of the crime of aggravated robbery, in 2020; Omar, alias “El Santero”, who has a criminal record for bribery and health crimes in 2007, and for aggravated gang robbery in 2010.

Added to them, Ariel Omar, Arisbhe, Sandra, José Gerardo and Yair Adolfothe latter two also have criminal records for crimes such as kidnapping and drug dealing.

According to the investigations, these individuals are related to an attack of which police officers were victims, occurred on September 17 in the Popular Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.


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