With phrases of “Putin is killing children in Ukraine”, they protest in Argentina and Mexico against Russian invasion

Hundreds of people demonstrated on Sunday in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Quito to demand an end to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

In Ecuador, dozens of people gathered in a park in Quito carrying signs with legends such as “no to war”, “Putin is killing children in Ukraine” or “Putin war criminal”. Passing drivers honked their car horns in support.

In Mexico City, on the central avenue Paseo de la Reforma, several people, some from Ukraine, demonstrated displaying the flag of that country, flowers and banners to ask for the end of the war. Some called on the Mexican government, which has avoided imposing sanctions on Moscow like other countries, to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

With Ukrainian and Argentine flags, hundreds of people, most of them members of the Ukrainian community in Argentina, paraded from the Plaza de Mayo to the Obelisk, in the heart of Buenos Aires, under the slogan “Enough of war.”

We are asking for peace in Ukraine, which is a free, sovereign and independent country that wants to continue governing itself and deciding what to do“said Monica Lewkiw, a 54-year-old school principal, the daughter of Ukrainians.

“We want Putin to leave Ukraine, to remove his bloody hands, he is the Hitler of the 21st century, we want him to leave Ukraine in peace,” Lewkiw claimed in the Argentine capital, where some 500,000 Ukrainians and descendants live.

Since the Russian offensive in Ukraine began on February 24, anti-war demonstrations have multiplied around the world. This weekend there were protests in other cities around the world such as London, Paris, Rome, Zurich and New York.