With modifications, deputies approve and send the 2023 Expenditure Budget to the Executive

The Chamber of Deputies approved, in general and in particular, the Expenditure Budget Decree of the Federation for Fiscal Year 2023, and sent it to the head of the Executive Power for its constitutional effects.

The document was endorsed in particular with 270 votes in favor, 219 against and one abstention, and foresees a total net expense of 8 billion 299 thousand 647.8 million pesos.

The session began on November 8 and ended on November 11, with a total duration of 40 hours, 3 minutes and 38 seconds; 386 speakers appeared on the platform, for a total of 2,264 reservations.

The 2023 PEF represents an increase of 11.6 percent compared to the one approved in 2022.

The total amount represents an increase in real terms of 11.6 percent, compared to what was approved for 2022; contemplates a budget deficit of one billion 134 thousand 140.7 million pesos.

During the analysis and discussion of the opinion of the Budget and Public Account Commission, 2,264 reservations were presented by the deputies of the various parliamentary groups, who made use of the platform.

The Plenary accepted four modifications: the first, to the second paragraph of the Twelfth Transitory Article; addition to article 24 in its section IV; addition of the Thirteenth Article, and addition of the Fourteenth Transitory Article.

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