With intense perreo, Chiquis Rivera’s sister Jenicka López shows off her figure after surgery


the little sister of Chiquis Rivera, Jennifer Lopez, She is willing to compete with the Queen Bee in terms of sensuality and power of curves. Very removed from grief, the influencer and curvy model He did an intense perreo to the rhythm of Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez. The beautiful young woman turned Instagram wearing very tight lycras and showing that hethe plastic surgery he did fell for him like a pearl.

Dancing “tarot” the theme of Puerto Rican reggaeton, Jennifer Lopez, showed that she is more beautiful and sexy than ever. Wearing some lycras from his collection over-comfort perreó in front and behind making it clear that the surgery she had helped her look stunning. Now, add to the beautiful Chiquis Rivera Y Jacque Riveraher older sisters to heat up social networks with her beauty.

Though Jennifer Lopez She has always been very pretty and has shown a lot of confidence on her social networks with her curvaceous figure, the influencer a plastic surgery called dermo was performed. With it you can eliminate localized fat that cannot be burned with physical activity. Also, Chiquis Rivera’s little sister has been losing weight like the singer of regional mexican.

That led to Jenicka López to go through the operating room and have the surgery which, without a doubt, helped her look like never before. Also, Chiquis Rivera’s sister She has been sharing the drainage treatments and different massages that she is doing to look like their mother, Jenni Rivera. It is no secret to anyone that she was one of the Hispanic women who literally drove many crazy with her talent and beauty.

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Speaking of the Rivera family. Yesterday it was revealed that Chiquis Rivera’s ex, Ángel del Villar, was arrested by FBI agents together with a partner. He is accused of having links to drug trafficking. Until the moment of closing this note, the musical entrepreneur would not have spoken. Nor had Chiquis done it, but we know that both she and her little brother Johnny Lopez have a great appreciation for her. It was learned that two bonds were paid: one of $100,000 dollars and another of $35,000 dollars. If found guilty, he could face a 30-year sentence. However, we will have to wait for some of the parties to make an official statement and thus learn more details.

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