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Tom Bradyhistoric quarterback in the nfl and considered by many to be the best player in history, has also left mark in the major leagues after passing through the diamonds of the King of Sports.

Brady45 years old, had a multi-sport step during high schoolwhere in addition to playing in the iconic position of Quarterbackdoubled his time as receiver on the Junípero Serra High School baseball team.

Such was the impact that it had to Pete Jensen, Brady baseball coach in San Mateo, California, stated that for the network ABC News that he He always thought that this "was his best sport".

With it, in nineteen ninety five it was selected in the 18th round of the Major League Baseball Draft for the already extinct Montreal Exposin Canada, before turning to American football and accepting a scholarship to play in the michigan university.

Despite never having debuted as a professional baseball player, Brady became in 2022 the last active athlete to be selected by the Exposand now, his retirement from professional sports means that There is no longer any athlete selected by the Canadians before moving to Washington D.C. and become the Nationals.

john hughesscout of the Expos who recommended Brady, stated the following in an interview with Hartford Courant in 2019.

I never had so much fun watching a player we eventually didn't sign […] He was taken in round 18 because nobody thought they could sign him. He was very talented. I mean, just based on talent he could have been projected late in the second round.

As part of their farewell, the washington nationals they fired who could have been their player when they were still in Montréal with the following message.

The last active draft pick in Expos history has retired. Congratulations on a Hall of Fame Tom Brady career!

(With information from MLB.com Y New York Post)

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