With Chinese key and onion knife; This is how they rob a convenience store in Monterrey

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At least two hooded men robbed a food store located on Río Pánuco and Loma Larga avenues, in the Alta Vista Invernadero neighborhood, south of the municipality of Monterrey.

The assault committed on the night of October 16 was documented through a security camera. In the recording it is possible to see how around 7:20 p.m. the criminals grab a person from behind to begin to struggle and throw him to the ground.

After that, the cashier of this store was threatened with a knife by one of the criminals who was wearing a white sweatshirt with black stripes and with a knife, a fact that made the cashier hand over the money to the criminals.

Upon receiving the money, the criminals fled in an unknown direction, so those affected filed a complaint with the authorities.

According to information shared with ABC News, the assault only resulted in economic losses for the store, since the assailants threatened people there, but did not cause significant damage to people. One of the business workers shared that after this robbery they implemented security measures. .

“Today shortly before closing in the supermarket we were attacked by two young men with knives. I make the comment so that you are alert, because if these people are not interested in the schedule, or the day or anything, thanks to God didn't get worse, just economic damage and a big scare, we shortened the hours to avoid this type of situation," revealed Baldemar Cavazos, a store employee.

So far no further details have been released about this assault that took place on the night of October 16 south of Monterrey, but residents have been warned to be alert to any insecurity situation.

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