With a blunder by the VAR and an own goal in the 90+6', Liverpool falls

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He LiverpoolIt's over with nine playerswas defeated in final stoppage time on his visit to Tottenham (2-1), on the 7th day of the Premier Leaguewhere the 'Spurs'they take the opportunity to put on seconds one point behind leader Manchester City.

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He end of the game was cruel for Liverpoolwho had given a display of resistance at a Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where they had never lost. The mission It got complicated in the 26th minute with the red for Curtis Jones and then even more in the 69when the Portuguese Diogo Jota saw the second yellow.

Before the scoreboard opened, Liverpool would have a goal disallowed due to an alleged offside, same in which the Argentine defender, 'Cuti' Romero, was enabling the forward 'Red'. Despite the review in the VAR, the goal was disallowed; Some time later the Premier League would accept the error in the video referee system.

Jota had come into play at half-time to replace the Dutchman Cody Gakpo, injured when scoring the provisional 1-1 draw in 45+4.

Tottenham had gone ahead a little earlier thanks to your south korean captain, Son Heung-min (36, 1-0), who got his sixth goal in seven Premier League games this season, which is four less than their total from last season.

He both of the Londoners' victory came in the 90+6, with an own goal by Joël Matipwho accidentally beat his goalkeeper Alisson Becker, impeccable until then in the match by neutralizing clear chances of James Maddison (30, 49) and Son Heung-min (51), mainly.


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