Wisin & Yandel say goodbye with "The Last Mission"

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In the midst of their farewell tour, Wisin & Yandel release their stellar album “La Última Misión” with the sounds of the synthesizers that made them known more than 20 years ago fused with the style of new generations of urban artists.

The pioneering reggaeton duo talked about the album released on Friday with guests such as Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía, Sech, Jhay Cortez and Jennifer López, with whom they are accompanying their goodbye tour that is currently in their section in the United States and that will take them to a highly anticipated season at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico with 14 dates confirmed for December.

"Everyone who has seen our show knows that our tour and our concerts are a rumba, it's a party," Wisin said in a recent video call interview from Miami, where they would have a concert on Friday night.

"I know that in the United States there are going to be different cultures, there are going to be multicultural shows and that is what we want, to have a Latin party," he added. On the tour that will take them from October to November through cities like Orlando, New York, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, they will have surprise guests. They asked fans to stay tuned and prepare to dance.

“They are going to enjoy a spectacular concert where they have to wear a sweatshirt, they have to be comfortable because they are going to sweat a lot,” Yandel said.

The duo also hopes to have guests for their concerts in Puerto Rico, they said they have already received calls from colleagues who want to accompany them on those dates.

"We are receiving the affection in our house, where it all began," said Wisin. "Honestly, we did not expect the success of this tour."

On Thursday night, they premiered the video for one of the singles from “The Last Mission”, “Besos moja2” with Rosalía, a new version of their 2009 hit “Wet Kisses”.

"It's a very sensual video, lots of kisses, lots of caresses," Yandel said. "We let ourselves be carried away by her."

They developed the song at a distance, but they spoke every day during the process with the Catalan artist.

“It fills me with joy to be able to collaborate with women,” said Wisin about his work with Rosalía. "Many women did not dare to do big things, or to sing because it was a more macho genre, more for men, and women have already stood up and dared, and they are also leaders of the movement."

Another of the female voices on the album is that of JLo with whom they perform “Miami”, a song for dancing.

"It's a very lively, very modern theme," Yandel explained. "It's a song dedicated to everyone who lives here (in Miami)... The song has a lot of energy."

They thanked JLo for "always being supportive of us … our relationship is not from now, it comes from many years trying to make big mergers," said Wisin.

Producers like Tainy and Los Legendarios, as well as performers like Prince Royce, Ozuna and Chencho Corleone, are also part of the 21-track album with which they say goodbye in style.

"Many people are behind this album, because we have believed for many years that the work that can become great in a team work," said Wisin.

Precisely this spirit of collaboration is felt after listening to "The last mission" in which clearly the new generation of the urban genre pays tribute to the stars of songs like "Abusadora", "Now is", "Pam Pam" and "Sexy movement" awarded with a Latin Grammy.

"There is mutual respect, I think that the urban genre is why it has grown so much, because we always come together, there are no such competitions, nor those bad vibes," Yandel said. "And that's what's happening on this record."

Wisin compared the mark they have left on the Latin urban genre as the first stages of a relay in the Olympics.

"That first and second section do not reach the finish line, but they have to be important, they have to be well run so that the latter can reach the finish line," said Wisin.

“We started in the movement, but we did not know the business, and today the new generation knows it and that makes you make better decisions, because you are not after a dream, you already have an established business. So happy for all of them,” he added.

Yandel highlighted that the hard work of the first generations, like them, helped the urban genre expand to other parts of Latin America and become one of the most listened to worldwide today.

"We looked for a way to make it really bigger," Yandel said. “Now it's not just the Puerto Ricans, but now Chile, Argentina, Colombia are joining. The genre now is that it is going to get even stronger ”.

On Thursday night Wisin & Yandel won a Billboard Latin Music Award in the category “Latin Rhythm” artist of the year, duo or group.

"It is assumed that logically we were no longer here and we continue, so thanks to the public and thanks to awards like this one that recognizes us," said Wisin, who announced that after the farewell tour he will focus on his family, especially taking care of her little son Daniel, 10 months old.

“I assure you that we are going to rest for a while,” he assured.

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