Winter storm that brought snow to parts of California is now moving east; Texas and Kansas on alert

Storms with damaging winds, large hail, and scattered tornadoes are expected.

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

The massive winter storm that brought rare snowfall to parts of California threatens to do the same to the East Coast as it moves across the country.

Western Oklahoma will see the most severe weather Sunday, with wind gusts to 80 mph to 110 mph possible.. North Texas and southeastern Kansas will experience thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail and scattered tornadoes, forecasts show.

The storm line will begin in the Texas Panhandle through Sunday afternoon before continuing with a damaging wind threat overnight in parts of Missouri.

For Sunday night, the Midwest will also experience torrential rain that will change to a wintry mix by Monday morningwhich will make the commute a challenge for those who live in the Chicago region.

The storm system is then expected to move eastward after lingering on the West Coast and dumping several inches of rain and snow in some regions.

In the Great Lakes region, snow is expected in Wisconsin, Michigan, and the Northeast. Hundreds of thousands of customers in Michigan no longer have power.

A period of snow and wintry mix will likely bring accumulations to cities along the Interstate 95 corridor Monday night and into Tuesday.

This winter storm brought snowfall to Southern California this weekend, with several feet of snow to the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. A dusting of snow even reached the Hollywood Hills and the hills around San Francisco.

At one point over the weekend, snow was falling at a rate of 2.5 inches per hour in places like Lake Arrowhead, California. In the mountains outside of Los Angeles, 2 to 6 feet of snow has fallen since Wednesday.

On Saturday, more than 126,000 customers lost power in California. More than 2,500 flights were canceled last week in anticipation of the storm.

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