Winter storm leaves more than 40 dead in Buffalo, USA | News

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The winter storm that hit the United States (USA) in December and early January has so far left more than 40 deaths in the town of Buffalo, located in New York City, according to official sources.


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Erie County executive Mark Polonkarz reported that the official death toll stands at 46 although he warned that it could increase in the coming days.

Details offered by the politician underline that 18 of the deceased were found in the snow and four inside their vehicles. He also highlighted that four others died from incidents with shovels or snow blowing, 12 due to hypothermia due to not having electrical service for heating, and one drowning.

"Three had had cardiac events, but Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were unable to respond in time due to the blizzard and travel conditions. Including these three deaths, a total of 46 people died in Erie County," he said. .

Similarly, Poloncarz explained that 26 were men and 20 women and of the total, 35 died in the city of Buffalo itself and another 11 died in the suburbs.

It is also striking that most of the deceased were Afro-descendants (25), 20 were white and one was Hispanic.

"Finally, three more cases still need to be finalized by the Office of the Medical Examiner pending toxicology reports to confirm the manner of death. I offer my deepest condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one," said the political.

It is worth noting that, despite the official balance offered in detail, several local media place the number of deaths from the storm in Buffalo at 47.

This winter storm has been classified by many as the largest in the history of the United States, leaving a total of more than 100 deaths and millions of dollars in damages in different sectors in that nation.

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