Wimbledon 2023: Alcaraz melts Berritini and meets Rune in the Quarterfinals | Video

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Between cannon shot and cannon shot, a crouching Carlos Alcaraz slowly stuck his head out on Center Court Wimbledon and emerged before the gigantic Matteo Berrettini (3-6, 6-3, 6-3 and 6-3) to dispute the British Grand Slam quarterfinals for the first time in his career.

Buried between the power of Italian, Alcaraz armed himself with patience to find the cracks in a man who had held serve sixty consecutive times and had pocket winners fall out of his pocket. With his cap thrown back, his unorthodox serving mechanics and his perennial clenched fist, Berrettini put Alcaraz between a rock and a hard placebut the Murcian, as so many other times, dodged the fire with a torrent of quality.

Spanish went from less to more, who had the scare of losing the first set in a Wimbledon classic: the server saves all the break opportunities and takes advantage of the few he has in his favour. A headache that everyone who wants to go far in the world has to go through. All England Tennis Club.

The key is not give up and endure the beating until the fruit ripens enough to fall Until Alcaraz's first break, in the fourth game of the second set, Berrettini had saved all his tours of duty at the tournament and had defused all ten of the breaking balls he had faced. Until Carlitos appeared to break the statistics and the Roman came down from the cloud, who gradually fell apart from a blow from Alcaraz on one side of the net. One of the contenders for the best shot of the tournament and that turned the moment of the match.

Alcaraz vibrated from him and Berrettini touched the grass. He had been in an oasis for several days, after a horrible season, and there were voices that put him as the only candidate for the final triumph with the respect of Djokovic.

And Alcaraz was in charge of erasing those forecasts from the blackboard. The break was forged in a terrible game by the Italian, who began by relying on a ball that he let go and kissed the line. It helped the Murcian to see himself capable of knocking down the giant and the clean and neat punch of the Italian was blurred.

Berrettini had a harder time keeping up with the Spaniard, which began to penetrate his backhand already melt his physique with long exchanges. This was the weak point of the one from Rome, whose bodywork had been in the mechanic for almost two months and now he had to face four games in five days.

A lot of whiplash, especially against the number one in the world, who after signing up for the second set, had to sweat the fat drop to break Berrettini's serve in the third. Five chances, in the same game, went away before clinching the sixth with a spike. His outburst of rage explained the importance of the moral blow.

The game was completely turned upside down. It was Alcaraz's first advantage and with Berrettini melted the victory could not be escaped. The Italian ended up out of breath; Alcaraz, wanting more.

The example was the beginning of the fourth set, with Alcaraz ready on the track, walking from side to side, and Berrettini in the dressing room, looking for solutions. The Murcian started with two consecutive double faults, but they were one of the few mistakes he made.

With a break with 4-3 in favor on the scoreboard and already with the roof closed due to darkness in London, Alcaraz caught a win that makes him the twelfth Spaniard in the Wimbledon quarterfinals and he has already entered the top eight of three of the four Grand Slams, only Australia is missing.

His next rival will be the Danish Holger Rune, his generational opponent and who beat him in his only official match, when the Spaniard had to retire with an abdominal tear in the Masters 1,000 of Paris-Bercy.

(With information from EFE)

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