William Levy shocks his fans by showing off his shirtless body

The actor William Levy He has left his fans open-mouthed after a recent publication on his networks will be seen showing off his stocky body without clothes.

After the devastating triumph that the protagonist of the telenovela has had “woman-fragranced coffee” after its premiere on the platform Netflix It is now that the heartthrob has shown his most sensual side for his followers.

And it is that the Cuban took advantage of a moment of his free time to show the great affection he has for his loyal followers who have accompanied him throughout his successful career where he has shown how talented he is by getting involved in projects such as “Sortilege" Y "Triumph of Love” with which he has managed to consecrate himself as one of the most sought-after soap opera gallants in the medium.

As a selfie in front of the mirror, it is how Levy has been seen, managing to melt his admirers with just a photograph that he has published on his official Instagram account where, to the surprise of many, he is seen shirtless, revealing his burly pectorals. .

Kisses to all. Always grateful for all his love. I love them. And I send a hug to the brothers”, could be read under the publication that already accumulates more than 760 thousand likes.

As expected, his fans have caused a stir in the comment box of the post, where with daring messages they have surely made the Cuban blush.

On the other hand, Levy has taken the opportunity to remind his followers that a great character of literary life will soon come to life in the case of the enigmatic 'Alexander Monte Cristo'a project that fills him with great pride and that his fans cannot wait to see again on the screen.

The actor has recently announced that he has separated from his partner of more than 19 years Elizabeth Gutiérrez, which has had his fans speculating about the possible reasons for the breakup.

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