Will the CJNG remove its name?

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Raul Flores Martinez.

How far can a person's ignorance go, especially how far should a person who, having the entire state apparatus at his disposal, not let himself go to avoid looking like an idiot.

Yes, I write about President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in an effort to be funny; Well, I hope that was the case, otherwise I would be very bad when I asked the Jalisco New Generation Cartel to remove its name so that it does not affect the state of Jalisco.

In his morning conference at the National Palace, López Obrador assured that the CJNG arose "from the government that was imposed through fraud, which declared war, which did not address the causes of insecurity, of violence."

“Where did the Jalisco New Generation Cartel come from? Well, then, all of them, which by the way should remove the name because they affect Jalisco."

Yes, with that going, you should also ask the Pacific Cartel and its own officials to stop calling it the Sinaloa Cartel so as not to affect the citizens of that entity.

It should also ask these two organizations to stop kidnapping, charging for flats, drug trafficking, human trafficking and mass executions, and by the way that their leaders turn themselves in so that they stop sowing terror in Mexico with their armed arms.

All this seems like a joke, a joke of a character who is in charge of a country that is sinking into insecurity, the death of innocents and the misery of those who have fled their homes to avoid being executed in their communities. .

Perhaps the President is too distracted in trying to make him forget the bitter episode of his son and his life of luxury, perhaps he is using a distraction strategy to change the subject of the national agenda that has exposed him, as a vengeful character .

When will the CJNG leader answer to accept the name change proposal? What the President does not know is that this four-letter name is already being used as a franchise to make some local criminal organizations famous.

The name of CJNG generates millions of dollars just by listening to it, it generates fear, fear and profits to all those who use it; if not, just listen to the extortionists who call home or cell phones.

If President López Obrador manages to get the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel to remove Jalisco, he will be able, with high morale, to demand that the Sinaloa Cartel change its name so as not to affect the entity. Something that will never happen in this Kafkaesque Mexico.

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