Will Karim Benzema come to soccer in Saudi Arabia?

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The French striker Karim Benzema has come to a “official agreement” with the Saudi club Al Ittihad to join their ranks for the next two seasons, Saudi state television announced on Sunday Al Ijbariya.

"The president of the Al Ittihad club, Anmar al Haeli, and the vice president, Ahmad al Kaaki, have arrived in Madrid to officially sign a record agreement with Benzema," according to television, which clarified that Benzema will join Al Ittihad as an agent. free.

Real Madrid announced this Sunday that the 35-year-old Frenchman has agreed to end his time with the Merengue team.

Saudi television has not given more details about the amount that will be paid to the former Real Madrid captain.

Benzema leaves Real Madrid considered one of its great legends, a reference in a generation for the history of football.

He is the player with the most titles from the Merengue team together with the Brazilian Marcelo, with 25, the fifth with the most games played, with 647, and the second top scorer in the club's history with 353 goals, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo (450).

The Frenchman joins the list of star players that Saudi Arabia is calling to its sports ranks after investing millions of euros in promoting their country for its opening to the world after decades isolated by its ultra-conservative vision.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed last December with the Al Nassr club and other stars could swell the ranks of the Saudi clubs, being Leo Messi the one that sounds the most for next season in the Arab League.

(With information from EFE)

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