Widower of a teacher murdered in France sends her off with a dance

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The teacher Agnès Lassalle, who was stabbed in the middle of class by a 16-year-old student, was fired this Sunday with an emotional dance by her widower in front of the coffin where her beloved rested.

The scene has gone viral because it shows the coffin and a photo of the teacher just outside a temple in Biarritz, France, when the man dressed in a suit begins to dance in front of the box to the tune of the song " Love” by Nat King Cole.

The man emulates the steps he would take if dancing with her and even places his hands as if he were holding her body next to him. A few seconds later, friends and family join him in dancing goodbye to the murdered teacher.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, He expressed his dismay at what happened on Twitter:

I share the pain of the family, of their classmates, of their students, of our teachers who dedicate themselves to transmitting knowledge to future generations.

While the Minister of Education, Papa Ndiaye, He said that the case is shocked to all of France: "It is a sad day for this establishment of excellence and for National Education."

The case shook France on February 22, when a 16-year-old student fatally stabbed his Spanish teacher at a Catholic school in French Basque Paris.

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The young man confessed to investigators that he "heard a voice" that "asked him to do evil" and that he ordered him to "commit murder."

According to the Bayonne prosecutor, Jérôme Bourrier, responsible for the investigations, the young man was under psychiatric monitoring and had been taking antidepressants since he had felt harassed in a previous educational center and in October 2022 he tried to commit suicide by taking medication.

However, the young man did not have any psychological illness that would explain the crime, committed at the Santo Tomás de Aquino school in San Juan de Luz, for which reason the prosecutor will request his continued detention under charges of "premeditated murder."

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