Why your AirPods don't connect well

The almost intuitive pairing of AirPods with any Apple product is one of the strengths of these headphones that have made them the favorites of brand lovers.

Nevertheless, this facility to connect them can fail at times causing the user to not be able to properly enjoy its excellent sound quality. Cases are known in which for one reason or another the AirPods do not connect automaticallywhich can become a headache for users.

From Apple they explain that this situation It can happen for a wide range of reasons, both on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as desktop devices such as Macs..

Here are the most common reasons why your AirPods do not connect automatically:


Apple indicates that the main reason that AirPods cannot function correctly is that the iOS or iPadOS version of the device they are trying to pair to is not the latest. This situation causes an error that prevents the connection between the two.

To solve it, it is necessary for the user to proceed to update your computer's operating system and once this is done the problem should go away.

Another reason is that AirPods do not have enough charge to turn onor what the computer you want to pair with does not have Bluetooth enabled and therefore does not recognize the hearing aid.


In the case of Macs, connection problems usually occur due to similar situations such as not having the Bluetooth option turned on, that the computer does not have the latest version of macOS, or that the AirPods do not have enough charge.

Added to this is the possibility that the user has not set the AirPods as the audio source to use and therefore, despite being connected, they do not reproduce the audio in question.

In case any of these recommendations do not work, recommend that the user reset their AirPods to the factory version.

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