Why vinegar is used against negative energies: learn about this homemade ritual

One of the most recommended elements to clean negative energy from the house is vinegar. Many people use it as a powerful purifier of bad energybut do you know why it is so powerful?

As you can see, its smell is penetrating and works as a natural insect repellent, among other things. In addition, its components make it a widely used product at home to disinfect or remove stains from clothes.

This effect is precisely what it causes from the energetic point of view. Its power eliminates low frequency energies that there is in the home regardless of whether they belong to other people or ourselves.
when there is bad energy our auric field is polluted and vinegar is very effective at dissolving them as it does dirt.

Vinegar can purify our auric field. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ritual with vinegar for negative energies

The famous astrologer Mizada Mohamed recommended this recipe on her YouTube channel and according to testimonials it is one of the most effective. You need white vinegar, a glass jar, grain salt and whole pepper.

In the glass jar put 3 whole peppercorns, a pinch of salt in grains and at the end a generous stream of white vinegar.

Place the container as close as possible to the main entrance of your house, if you have children or pets, try to put it up high since no one should touch it. This ritual will absorb negative energy every time we enter the house, as well as remove the bad vibes from your guests.

The jar should remain inside the house and should be removed until the vinegar completely evaporates. If you wish, you can repeat the ritual as many times as you think necessary, just wash the glass container well and use new pepper and salt.

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