Why the subject who hit a woman in Narvarte could go free: this is known about the case

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Less than two days after being arrested for allegedly ghit a woman with a broom in the Benito Juárez mayor's office, in Mexico City, Carlo SB could be released.

According to the journalist Gil Barrera, the 48-year-old defendant "has one foot on the street", since he pointed out through his X account (formerly Twitter) that the victim has not yet ratified the complaint: "The law has so many holes, that if it is not denounced, he could continue violating," he wrote.

And there are less than 24 hours left to be able to impute him for these facts, otherwise would leave the Public Ministry.

For this reason, he asked his followers to share the publication to notify the affected person what they must do judicially to be able to continue with the investigations and that the necessary protection measures are provided.


The Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) reported this August 28 that after the video circulated in which Carlos SC is observed assaulting a woman inside a building located on Ángel Urraza street, at the intersection with Uxmal, in the Narvarte neighborhood, elements of the corporation arrested a subject who matched the physical characteristics of the assailant.

The Police explained that in recent days investigation work was carried out and patrols increased in different neighborhoods of said mayor's office.

In this context, upon noticing the presence of the uniformed officers, the alleged aggressor he adopted an unusual attitude and tried to flee the placebut he was intercepted and arrested for the crime of family violence.

For its part, the Mexico City Attorney General's Office (FGJCDMX) reported that it already integrates an investigation folder for "criminal news" for the crime of intentional injuries by blows against the alleged perpetrator.

It was the reporter David Saúl Vela who broadcast two videos of the events through his networks.

In the first 26-second recording, which dates from August 26, the moment in which an older adult pulls the hair of a woman who wears a striped dress, a black sweater and is barefoot is observed.

Then, a shirtless man with several tattoos on his right arm appears on the scene who, with a broom, repeatedly hits the woman in the dress.

Then, the assailant pulls her hair and drags her through a door, while the elderly woman watches the events while smoking a cigarette.

In the second recording, you can see how the woman in the dress is thrown into the street and falls to the ground.

For his part, the aggressor appears moments later and waves in the direction of the victim. After which he enters the home and the door closes.

The agency headed by Ernestina Godoy reported that the social representative works on the integration of the investigation related to the facts, so that once the victim's testimony has been obtained, he can request and obtain the arrest warrant against the person responsible.

The Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City (TSJ-CDMX) issued a total of 8 thousand 382 precautionary measures that provided protection to equal numbers of women, victims of violence of all kinds, this during the period from January 1 to past August 21

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