Why the red bracelet should be worn on the left hand as an amulet

The red bracelet or ribbon is one of the most used amulets against bad energy. There are many people who use it as a symbol of protection, but did you know that it should be placed on the left hand or wrist? The left side of the body has an energetic purposelike the right, and precisely that difference is what tells us which side this talisman should be placed on.

Red in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology is the color of good luck.. It is related to passion, action and energy, as well as being a tone that naturally rejects negative energies.

Although the true origin of this amulet is not known, many attribute it to Kabbalah, a set of Bible-based theosophical doctrines that use an esoteric method of interpretation that allegedly reveals hidden customs about God and the world.

Its popularity has increased over the years to the point that this amulet can be found anywhere in the world. Also, it's very easy to do. it is enough to tie a red ribbon on your wrist to obtain its protection.

Why is it worn on the left hand?

The canons of the amulet indicate that it is placed on the left wrist for 3 main reasons. The first is because on that side is where the heart is and it is the organ that most needs spiritual protection.

The second reason is because some esotericists believe that the left side of the human body is the weaker sidefrom the energetic point of view, and therefore the one that needs to protect itself from bad vibes.

And the third reason is because on the left side we receive all the energies of our environment. By placing this amulet on the left wrist or ankle we are "draining" those vibes, preventing the passage of bad vibes and allowing good energies.

How to activate the effectiveness of the red bracelet?

Popular wisdom dictates that in order for it to really serve as a protection amulet, it must be given as a gift by a person who appreciates you, otherwise, you can make your own bracelet using a red ribbon or bow.

If you wish, before putting it on you can say a prayer, either an Our Father, Hail Mary or pray Psalm 91.

When you put it on, make 3 or 7 knots, if you can't do it yourself, ask for help from a family member or friend you trust, that is, they have good energy.

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