Why the baby otter toy is viral; here you will know

Why the baby otter toy is viral; here you will
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In tiktok it has become viral he 'bedtime otter' plush toymade by the company of Fisher-Price toyswhose product is specially designed for you drinkbut why has it become a sensation in networks and what are you doing?

Different videos have gone viral on Tiktok showing parents' astonishment for the creative and useful qualities that the otter toy with a tender face, to calm babies. Here we tell you why they consider this one so great teddy.

What does the 'Bedtime Otter' plush do?

The 'Bedtime Otter' is a toy launched by the company Fisher-Pricewhose main objective is help babies relax and unwind, without interruptions; in addition to stimulate sensations of the little ones.

This can be seen in the Tiktok viral videoswhere it is observed that the tender otter toy moves its tummysimulating the breathingwhile turning on a dim yellow light, according to this, to imitate the movements of the belly of the baby's mother or father and calm him down at bedtime, specified the official website of Fisher-Price.

On the other hand, the 'Bedtime Otter' toy has music to lull babies and is made with materials of different texturessuch as plush and satin fabric, so that the little one develop curiosity when you are awake.

Before these qualities that seem magical, Internet users have shared videos on Tiktok testing the otter toy that has become so viral, getting a big surprise. Some point out that the Teddy breathing simulation does workby making the babies fall asleep immediately. However, some complain about the battery life.

“I bought it for my baby and, honestly, I only use white noise. What I don't like is that the batteries last very little,” commented an Internet user on Tiktok.

How much does the viral otter toy cost on Tiktok?

According to what was reported by the official page of Fisher-Price, the 'Bedtime Otter' toywhich has been viralized on Tiktok for its uses to relax you drinkhave a cost of a thousand pesos. So, parents will have to consider whether they prefer to spend this amount of money or stay up all night.

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