Why the astonishment with the expropriation?


Ruben Cortes.

The amazement at the expropriation of properties in the west of CDMX is notorious: Cuajimalpa, Santa Fe, Chapultepec. But why the amazement? If a Secretary of State anticipated it long ago: “Fuck your mother, expropriate them.”

It is curious that many minimize the warnings of the political group that governs. Because the expropriation of a million square meters for the Mayan Train and dozens of buildings in Santa Fe was anticipated by Paco I. Taibo:

“If they want to blackmail you, Andrés, expropriate them. Fuck his mother. The pressure to which a caudillo can be subjected, no matter how radical, competent and honest he may be, is tremendous, he needs the presence of the social movement behind it, which drives change.”

The nice thing is that no one had to blackmail him. What the Palacio bookseller imagined did not happen:

“Andres receives a commission from high-ranking Mexican finance men, Slim, the owner of the Modelo breweries, to tell him: ‘Be careful, Andrés, because if you advance in that direction, we’ll take the factories to Costa Rica.’ If that same day, at that same hour, we are not two or three million Mexicans in the street saying: expropriate them”.

What’s up, man. The scenario thought by Taibo did not have to be reached. The expropriation has been knife-in-butter style, from a country club in Tijuana to properties in Santa Fe, passing through entire forests of the Mayan jungle.

In fact, it cannot be forgotten that Morena proposed to reform article 27 of the Constitution, which governs land ownership, so that the government divides and expropriates land that exceeds the limits of 100 hectares of irrigation or humidity per person.

And that, about the concession of the national internet service, the president himself has already warned: “Imagine if I, now in 2023, decide that it is expropriated. Well, or that it is not expropriated, I don’t know. We’re going to handle it!”

More still. The president warned that he prefers to bet that Slim has a “social attitude, a social emotion,” and commits to connecting all of Mexico so that the branches of the Banco del Bienestar, which grant money in exchange for votes, work.

Yes: frankly, the fuss made by some about the recent expropriations in the entire west of CDMX is surprising, if the expropriation of private property is in the DNA of the populist government system for which 30 million voted in 2018.

For example, Chávez expropriated 1,200 companies in a decade; and Maduro took about a thousand and closed more than 500; plus those that made them go bankrupt: Polar brewery, Coca-Cola, Wonder, Zara. 54 stations, 80 newspapers and 20 TV channels.

So the Santa thing is absolutely natural in this regimen.

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