Why Murakami is trending

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This morning the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2023where more than 300 writers competed for the award, where the name of Haruki Murakami It resonated on several occasions for being one of the favorite contenders by several users.

However, this year it was Jon Fosse who won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, generating a stir among literature fans due to the jury's surprising decision, leaving Murakami out of the competition.

But Why did Murakami's name resonate with the other competitors? This Japanese author became a trend on social networks, which raised doubts about the reason behind his growing popularity. Here we tell you the reason behind this event.

Awards that Haruki Murakami has won | Special

Who is Haruki Murakami?

Haruki Murakami is a prominent Japanese writer born on January 12, 1949 in Kyoto, Japan.

He is known for being one of the authors most influential and popular in literature contemporary, both in Japan and internationally.

His work is characterized by its unique narrative style, which combines elements of magical realism, surrealism and both Japanese and Western cultural references.

Murakami studied theater and literature at Waseda University in Tokyo, and after finishing his studies, he opened a jazz bar called "Peter Cat" in Tokyo.

This experience influenced his work and his love for music, especially jazz, It is reflected in many of his writings.

Some of his best-known novels include:

  • "Norwegian Wood" (Tokyo Blues): This novel is one of Murakami's most popular and tells the story of a young man named Toru Watanabe who reflects on his life and loves during the 1960s in Tokyo.
  • "1Q84": An extensive and complex novel that mixes elements of science fiction, magical realism and thriller, set in an alternative Tokyo.
  • "Kafka on the Shore": A story that follows two characters, a teenager named Kafka and an older man named Nakata, as they search for answers in a world full of enigmas.
  • "Chronicle of the Bird that Winds up the World": A novel that explores the search for identity and meaning in a mysterious and sometimes absurd world.
Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami

Why is Murakami trending on social networks?

Over the years, Haruki Murakami has become a recurring favorite for the Nobel Prize in Literature. His name has been in literary pools and predictions on numerous occasions.

This has generated a loyal fan base who eagerly awaits the announcement of the award, which explains why his name has geso much interest.

The news that Haruki Murakami did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature trended again on social media, sparking an online uproar that highlighted why the Japanese author continues to be the subject of such intense attention even in literary defeats.

Murakami, Japanese author known for his surrealist style and his ability to mix the everyday with the extraordinary, had been a recurring favorite for the prestigious literary award, which made his defeat even more shocking to his followers.

Murakami is one of the few contemporary authors who has achieved global literary influence as his books have been translated into multiple languages ​​and have won readers around the world. which has contributed to his non-selection for the Nobel being a topic of global conversation.

The selection process for the Nobel Prize in Literature is notoriously secret, and lack of transparency in decision making often arouses the public's curiosity.

Murakami's defeat lends itself to speculation and online debate about the reasons behind the Nobel committee's choice.

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