Why MC “does the dirty work” for Morena, according to the PAN

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Marko Cortés once again criticized the AMLO (PAN) government
Marko Cortés once again criticized the AMLO (PAN) government

The dispute between political forces continues; This time it was the turn of the leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortes Mendoza, who began the local pre-campaign of Jalisco attacking the alleged pact between Citizen Movement (MC) and the National Regeneration Movement (Morena).

During his event held this November 5 to refine the 2024 contest in the entity, the blue and white accused Morena and the orange party of having agreements to benefit the majority party. He stressed that MC is not an opposition party to the federal government, since there is an clear link between him and the cherry force to bring down the measures taken by the National Electoral Institute (INE) regarding gender parity.

According to the national president of the PAN, the emcistas have raised complaints and demands about the quota of candidates, since the political parties must nominate the nine entities to compete. 5 women and 4 men. However, these disagreements on the part of the orange members to reverse the measure will only have benefit for the morenistas.

The national leader of the PAN met in Jalisco (X/@MarkoCortes)
The national leader of the PAN met in Jalisco (X/@MarkoCortes)

Cortés Mendoza highlighted that MC has “done the dirty work” for the cherry party, since in Jalisco, MC has good candidates to renew the governorship unlike the ruling party.

“Do not believe that it is because the MC brings five very strong candidates for governor. It is clear that MC is doing Morena a favor, because Morena does have a real problem in its applications from men who were already engaged and that this INE agreement complicates them, but He is doing Morena's dirty work again. “We say it clearly,” he highlighted in his speech.

In addition to this, the PAN member pointed out and criticized that both political forces call themselves Movements and not parties that do not follow their principles. This is not the first time that the PAN, which makes up the Frente Amplio, before it goes through Mexico, Together with the PRI and PRD, he attacks MC for not joining the opposition and helping Morena to divide the vote.

“It is painful to see the corruption that exists in this government, underhanded, and it is also horrifying to see the clear links between the Emecista government and the Morenista government. Both call themselves movements, but in reality they are political parties of interests, because when one really wants things to change, there should be no hesitation. On the one hand, it was said that it was not agreed that they should play alone, but they end up doing it,” highlighted the blue and white.

Dante Delgado accused of illegal electoral times Photo: Cuartoscuro
Dante Delgado accused of illegal electoral times Photo: Cuartoscuro

Finally, the leader indicated that his party and the opposition alliance will not receive the Citizen Movement, in the event that they claimed to be part of the opposition given the agreements it maintains with the ruling party despite qualifying as an opposition.

“There are obvious agreements between the MC party and Morena, We are not going to allow that, and that is why part of the definition that we have assumed is: MC, being below the table agreed with Morena, will not be welcome in this coalition of the Broad Front for Mexico," he declared.

The 2024 federal elections have framed a dispute between the triad of National Action, the Aztec Sun and the tricolor They have clashed with the leaders of the orange party for not wanting to integrate the opposition that could provide an electoral counterweight to the majority party.

Photo: Cuartoscuro
Photo: Cuartoscuro

The leaders of the Front have accused that these positions on the part of the emcistas are due to strategies with Morena, however, a few days before the start of the pre-campaigns, the orange party has begun to profile its best entities, not only for the presidential renewal, but for the 8 governorships and the head of Government of Mexico City.

The announcement by Samuel García, president of Nuevo León, to run for the presidency of the Republic, puts MC as another party in the competition and who would contend, if selected, with Claudia Sheinbaum Pardocoordinator of the Committees in Defense of the 4T, and Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, virtual candidate of the Frente Amplio.

It should be remembered that the governor of Nuevo León was threatened by the leaders of the PRI-PAN-PRD, who had indicated that, in the Congress of the entity, the parties, which are the majority, would vote against said decision to avoid dividing the vote.

“We have spoken with the national leaders and everyone that if he presents the license request, the votes of the deputies will be against. So that he does not play the victim after we do not want him to compete, no, he should start pulling, he should start working and it will be evident that the State apparatus is used to intimidate the legislators, it is to make him the service to Morena,” highlighted the national president of the PRI Alejandro Alito Moreno at an event in Nuevo León on September 14.

The governor of Nuevo León sent a message to the PRI and PAN (Government of Nuevo León)
The governor of Nuevo León sent a message to the PRI and PAN (Government of Nuevo León)

Despite this, on April 5 he confirmed that in 2024 he would go with his party for the presidency, after being granted temporary license to separate from his position for a period of six months.

"Everything is ready to register on the 12th, I already said publicly that Javier will remain in charge...On November 12 we registered with the Citizen Movement in Mexico City, cheer up!", he highlighted to the media.

For its part, MC has assured that despite the insistence of the Frente Amplio, they will not unite with “the old politics.” To do this, they implemented a campaign against the PRIAN, against the parties that they accused of seeking power without proposals.

Dante Delgado, national leader of MC, highlighted the possibilities of his party winning the elections in 2024, especially given the recognition of Morena's political strength in comparison to the 2018 elections.

“Surveys confirm that a large majority of Mexicans are against us joining the alliances of the old politics. Furthermore, 6 out of 10 people consider us the only different political option. If we join an alliance, we leave Mexico without a choice (...) the only force that represents the future and change, that has new, young, prepared characters, a progressive agenda and the best governments," highlighted the orange leader in a video message.

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