Why has diabetes increased in the Mexican population? Dr. Luis Jesús Dorado answers us

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In Mexico, the survey of health and nutrition indicates that in 2021, approximately 12 million 400 thousand people suffer from some type of Diabetes; during his presentation on the program The Sun Rises by Grupo Imagen, the doctor Luis Jesus Dorado He pointed out that Diabetes is a chronic disease and its evolution occurs over time, because the pancreas fails and stops producing a hormone called Insulinwhich is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels.

According to the Dr. Jesus Doradothere are many types of Diabetes, the most common are type 1 and type 2. Regarding Type 1 Diabetes, it occurs when the cells of the pancreas become destroy each other, appearing frequently from childhood, evolving throughout the entire stage of life, so its control and care fully depends on the administration of insulin.

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On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes is the result of hereditary factors, genetic or due to bad habits such as poor diet and absence of physical activity since the first symptom of this type of condition is resistance to Insulin and, agreement with Doctor Jesús Dorado, in order to prevent or control this disease is necessary attend regular medical appointments, eat well, and exercise regularly.

According to the doctor, the symptoms Those to pay attention to are: great thirst, uncontrolled appetite, nocturia (involuntary expulsion of urine during the night) and sudden weight loss, although this disease can develop silently since sometimes it does not present symptoms or it becomes confuse with lack of vitamins.

In order to identify the disease, it is necessary to have a blood test. hemoglobin glycosylated, check blood pressure, cholesterol, improve lifestyle and keep in mind that a general practitioner can identify this condition in patients to be able to refer them to an endocrinologist.

Doctor Jesus Golden recommends Do not self-medicate and insist on going to a certified doctor to be able to identify this and other possible conditionsalso points out that it is important to take care of habits food and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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