Why does marriage increase the weight of a couple? [node:title]

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You may have noticed that Some men tend to gain weight after getting married, and no, it's not a coincidence. A study has revealed why marriage appears to influence weight gain in men, and the reasons might surprise you.

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The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, suggests that comfort and emotional security are key factors behind this phenomenon.

When men get married, they tend to take a more relaxed approach to their physical appearance, no longer feeling the pressure to 'compete' that comes with being single. Additionally, the state of relaxation and happiness that accompanies life as a couple can lead to more indulgent eating habits and a decrease in physical activity.

Additionally, marriage brings changes in eating patterns. Married men tend to eat more regular meals and in larger portions, influenced by family meals and their spouses' eating patterns. This regularity in meals, while beneficial in many ways, can also lead to an increase in caloric intake.

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The study also mentions the "care" effect that is observed in couple relationships. When individuals are in a stable relationship, there is a tendency to want to take care of each other, and this can translate into encouraging each other to "eat a little more" or indulging in comfort foods, especially during times of celebration or stress.

Another reason pointed out by the research is the change in time priorities. Before marriage, men are more likely to allocate time for exercise and physical activities. However, after marriage, free time is devoted to family responsibilities or time as a couple, leaving less room for regular physical activity.

It is important to highlight that While marriage brings many changes, it also provides an opportunity to adopt healthy habits as a couple. The key is to find a balance and establish a healthy lifestyle that works for both spouses.

"Marriage weight gain" is a science-backed reality, but it's not an immutable rule. With understanding, communication, and joint effort, couples can manage their health and weight effectively, enjoying the many emotional and health benefits that marriage has to offer.

And why do married women gain weight?

Several studies look at weight change in women after marriage. Like men, women also tend to experience weight changes after marriage, although the reasons may vary slightly due to biological and sociocultural differences.

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A study published in "The American Journal of Preventive Medicine" found that changes in marital status, including marriage, are associated with weight gains in women. Some of the possible reasons behind this phenomenon include:

Changes in eating habits

Similar to men, women may also experience changes in eating habits after marriage, possibly adopting a more regular and sometimes higher calorie eating pattern due to family meals or adapting to their partner's dietary preferences.

Decreased physical activity

Some women may experience a decrease in physical activity after marriage due to an increase in household or childcare responsibilities, leaving less time for regular exercise.

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Hormonal changes and pregnancy

For women, marriage often precedes the pregnancy stage, during which the body undergoes significant changes, including weight gain. Besides, Hormonal changes related to pregnancy and childbirth can affect metabolism and fat distribution in the body.

Stress and emotional adaptation

The stress associated with changing roles, adapting to life as a couple and, in some cases, managing work life with family responsibilities, can lead to changes in eating habits and activity levels, resulting in weight gain. .

Comfort and emotional security

Like men, women in a committed relationship may feel less pressure to maintain certain aesthetic standards and instead prioritize other aspects of life.

It is important to highlight that, Although these factors can influence weight gain after marriage, each individual and each couple is different. Some couples may find that marriage provides them with an enhanced support system to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As always, communication, mutual support, and establishing healthy habits are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight and a happy life as a couple.

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