Why do they call Argentina la albiceleste?

(Spanish CNN) — The Argentine National Team arrived at the Qatar 2022 World Cup as one of the great favourites: Lionel Messi in a good version, is the captain of a team led by Lionel Scaloni that was undefeated, has an identity, game and even his own nickname. However, the painful defeat against Saudi Arabia, after several disallowed goals and an unexpected comeback, put the enthusiasm of “Scaloneta” on hold, which still has everything to win.

But the “Scaloneta” is not the only way in which the Argentine National Team is known, in reference to its technical director. It is also known as “la Albiceleste”, for the colors of its shirt.

The word albiceleste, according to the RAE, refers to things that are white and light blue. In those tones it is the official shirt presented by Adidas in July of this year, under the motto “The feeling of a country unites in this new shirt”.

The colors of the jersey match those of the Argentine flag, created by Manuel Belgrano in 1812, discovered in a Bolivian chapel in 1883, and returned to the country in 1896, according to the country’s Ministry of Culture website.

Flag of Argentina.

The flag has its colors distributed in three horizontal bands, two light blue and one white in the middle, in the center of which it displays a gold sun.

The story goes that Belgrano proposed creating a national cockade so that the army would have a common insignia, and the Triumvirate —the highest authority at the time— approved the idea with the phrase: “Let it be the national cockade of the United Provinces of the Río de la Silver, white, and sky blue.”

“In this way, back in 1812, Belgrano designed a flag with the same colors, used for the first time in the city of Rosario, on the banks of the Paraná River, where the army took an oath in favor of freedom and independence,” he continues. the Ministry of Culture.

The albiceleste dreams of Qatar

The Argentine National Team has reasons to dream of the World Cup and the enthusiasm with the jersey is part of the expectation. Lionel Scaloni’s team achieved, until the beginning of the World Cup, 36 unbeaten matches and is the current champion of America.

In addition, he won the ‘Finalissima’ in June, the confrontation between the American champion and the European champion. The great game played at Wembley ended 3-0 with goals from Lautaro Martínez, Ángel Di María (the author of the Copa América goal against Brazil) and Paulo Dybala. The figure was Lionel Messi, with two assists.

The stumble against Saudi Arabia can be remedied with the solid team that Scaloni built.