Why didn't you quit? Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF, was severely questioned by José Ramón Fernández after the failures of the Tri

yon de Luisathe president of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF)gave an interview for ESPN, where José Ramón Fernández asked him various "uncomfortable" questions about his management, the most incisive being "why didn't you resign?"referring to the season of failures of the different national teams, to which de Luisa, visibly nervous, responded, got ahead as best he could and after which he promised to improve to continue in the position.

During the Futbol Picante program, José Ramón Fernández did not mince words and questioned him directly: "Why didn't you resign after the terrible failure of the Mexican National Team?" referring specifically to the elimination of the team in the first phase of the world Cupwhen the plan was to reach the fifth game or, at least, reach the fourth, but the third could not be surpassed.

Given this, the boss of Mexican soccer tried to turn the question around and tried to go off on a tangent, highlighting the achievements that the different Mexican teams had during the last four years.

It seems to me that the World Cup cycle must be measured in the entire cycle, not by a single game. In the sports project, the first part of the cycle was successful, wins a Gold Cup, a bronze medal, two sub-championships under-17 for women and men", answered.

Immediately afterwards, Joserra told him that those were the hits, but heand asked him to talk about the setbacks. It is worth remembering that both the women's and men's teams lost the pass to the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, to what The women's will not go to the next World Cup eitherwhile The men's also ran out of a ticket for the Indonesian Under-20 World Cup 2023.

Those were in the last stage and that is why the decisions that were made were made. Months before the World Cup, the general sports management was cut off, the national team management was cut off”, he explained.

Then the talk turned to how he worked Gerardo Martino and why the decision was made not to continue with the team, but once the issue of his management was resumed, The president promised to improve to continue in his position and spoke about the strategies that are in place to deliver better results in the future.

“I must also improve to continue. Within the strategies or pillars, The first is the sports restructuring so as not to experience what we experienced the other four years with the distance from Liga MX clubsplayers and being able to promote the men's and women's projects in the best possible way," he said.

Another of the plans that he revealed was to get friendly matches against top-level teams, since in the absence of World Cup qualifiers they will have to maintain a good rhythm and that could be achieved by facing good synods.

The second began last Friday, with the announcement of the return of Mexico to the Copa América, a new tournament is coming, in 2025, organized by Concacaf and FIFA, where we will try World Cup venues and with Confederations. We are looking for Germany for a game in October against them. This is what we do for that allow us to have high-level rivals on FIFA datesbecause we do not have a classification and things are being done to improve many things for 2026 ”, he explained.

Regarding what will be done specifically with the senior men's team, he mentioned that after the World Cup there was a talk with managers and players to break down the failure and try to prevent it from happening again.

“Within the feedback we made with Jaime Ordiales we set out to understand what happened and talked to the players and it was one of the conclusions and in important games like Argentina we shouldn't put certain lineups or function in a certain way that hasn't been trained or worked”, he deepened, although he clarified that this was no longer made known to the “Tata”, he concluded.

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