Why did Pixar choose the voice of Chris Evans and not that of Tim Allen for the film “Lightyear”?


Since its premiere just a few days ago, the animated film “Lightyear” has generated some debates around it. The most recent questions the decision of the Disney and Pixar companies to change the voice of actor Tim Allenwho since the nineties had played the famous astronaut in the saga of “Toy Story”.

The star of the television series “Home improvement” She is remembered for being at the forefront of the tapes about the unique toys, dubbing Buzz Lightyear in the four films that have been made from 1995 to 2019, and even in the animated film “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The adventure begins”. A Tim Allen was already related to the space guardian, until Chris Evans took his place in the most recent installment on the famous character in “Lightyear”.

In this regard, the producer of the film, galyn sumanrevealed in a recent interview that the decision is based on developing the character in a different way, who in this case is the protagonist of the film and not just another friend of Cowboy Woody. “Our Buzz Lightyear is the lead, he’s not Woody’s side character, so we needed to have a more fleshed out character. Chris (Evans) brought a lot of that to the table, he’s great with humor and comedy… he’s the superhero we all know. He really embodies the kind of totally grounded protagonist that we wanted to portray,” he said.

Both Susman and the director of the film Angus McLane agree that the Buzz of the new plot is a different character from the one known in the tapes of “Toy Story”as represents the space celebrity for whom the toy was created for the previous versions. “The core element of Buzz’s character in all of the ‘Toy Story’ movies is that he’s always at odds with the nature of the reality he’s in, so we knew we needed to have that. In “Toy Story” Buzz is convinced that he is a space ranger and that is when they tell him that he is a toythat’s the kind of essential element we needed for this movie.”

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