Why did Kun Aguero leave football and could not be

Why did “Kun” Agüero leave football and could not be with Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar?

(CNN Spanish) — The day that Sergio the “Kun” Agüero announced that he was retiring from soccer, he said that the Argentine team “is what I love the most.” Those words were spoken on December 15, 2021, the year in which he, as a member of the Albiceleste, won the Copa América together with his friend Lionel Messi.

Agüero defended the colors of the senior team on more than 100 occasions. Why did he retire from football and is he not in Lionel Scaloni’s team in Qatar 2022? We tell you here.

a cardiac complication

At 33, the striker joined FC Barcelona after a free transfer from Manchester City in July 2021. He was unable to play alongside Messi at the Catalan club because the Argentine star moved to Paris Saint Germain.

On October 30 at the Camp Nou, Barcelona played a LaLiga match against Alavés. Sergio Agüero, the starter, had to leave the pitch at minute 42 due to severe chest pain. Later it was learned that he suffered a cardiac arrhythmia.

Agüero leaving the field that October 30. Credit: PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

The match was 1-1. Agüero was transferred to the hospital for a cardiology evaluation. A heart problem was detected and the institution’s doctors indicated a 3-month sick leave to follow his evolution.

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“You can turn a defeat into a victory”

That December 15, “Kun” announced that he had decided to stop playing soccer professionally. He did so at a press conference accompanied by Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona.

Visibly moved, the Argentine explained his decision and later posted a message on Twitter commenting on more details of his transcendental determination.

“When I took the first test in the clinic and then the doctors told me that there was a great possibility that I could not continue, I began to get mental, but it was not easy. When they called me that it was already final, it took me a few days to process it I kept having hopes, but afterwards when I was cold I thought no. I’m fine, but it was difficult”, he stated.

“One of the many things that football taught me is that defeat can be turned into victory,” Agüero said in his Twitter message.

And he stressed that he does not focus on what he needed to play football but “on the wonderful 18 years that I was able to do it.”

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