Why are Mexican and Argentine swifties fighting? Here we tell you

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Taylor Swift performed this Friday for the first time in Argentina as part of her tour “The Eras Tour” through Latin America. Argentine swifties will be able to enjoy her idol on three other dates, even after the singer delayed a performance due to a thunderstorm. However, a fan's comment has started a strong controversy.

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The dispute was triggered when Taylor Swift fans in Argentina filled X, formerly Twitter, with comments and photos of the artist's imminent arrival to their lands; especially excited to be her first presentation in that country.

As is customary in X, the Mexican and Argentine fans began to exchange comments regarding the presentations. Between one comparison and another, the discussion became more heated.

The thing would have remained in one more discussion of X, but One post changed everything and ended up going viral:


The Mexicans immediately corrected her and reminded her that Taylor had already shown up in Mexico.

Without being very clear how or why, the discussion increased to the point that another Argentine fan also ended up going viral by stating that Mexico is not part of Latin America, but of North America.

To all those people who want to come and tell the little girl that the first concert in Latin America was in Mexico, I remind you that Mexico is part of North America," responded another Argentine fan.

Mexican Swifties

Fans from Mexico did not take long to make fun of said Argentine Swiftie and, although they initially responded by assuring that Swift's time in Aztec lands was a huge success, They ended up ironically about the young woman's educational level:

School? I imagine they skipped it."

The worst thing is that the person in the tweet, instead of accepting that she was wrong, says that they attack her for being Argentine, I don't know which of the two lacks more neurons."

Horror with those, I don't understand how they don't know the difference between Latin America and North America and that we belong to both at the same time" "Esme is already letting go of Mexico, you better enjoy the shows."

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As the hours passed, the discussion diminished and part of the fandom sought to put the misunderstanding behind, ensuring that both the concerts in Mexico and those in Argentina and soon those in Brazil unite the swifties in Latin America.

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