Who would Mexico play against in the playoffs heading to the 2024 Copa América?

Who would Mexico play against in the playoffs heading to
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The The Mexican team committed its ticket to the 2024 Copa América after losing 2-0 on its visit to Hondurasso they will have to look for a comeback in the Aztec stadium to be able to access next year's continental tournament, however, in case of falling in the eliminatory against the catrachosyou will still have one last chance to qualify through a repechage.

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In case the Honduras team survives its visit to the Azteca Stadium and managed to preserve its advantage obtained in Tegucigalpa (2-0) last Friday, will force the Mexican National Team to have to look for its ticket to the Copa América 2024 through a repechage roundin addition to eliminating it from the Concacaf Nations League.

Yeah Those led by Jaime Lozano are not able to reverse the quarterfinal tie against the Catrachosthey would face the selection of Trinidad and Tobagoin case this is also eliminated by the United States, remembering that the advantage is 3-0 in favor of the representative of the stars and stripes.


In the duel between United States and Trinidad and Tobago, the advantage is for the American teamsince they will visit their rival on Tuesday with a comfortable aggregate score of 3-0 obtained on the way.

The The Mexican team, for its part, will host Honduras at the Azteca Stadium with a 2-0 deficit on the scoreboard.which forces them to win 3-0 and not concede a visitor goal if they want to avoid the playoff phase and go directly to the Copa América 2024.

The representative of Canada did its job and will play the second leg with a 2-1 lead over Jamaicamore directed he left his series the Panama team, which won 3-0 over Costa Rica that looked unrecognizable.


If the current results are maintained, The losing teams, if they do not achieve a comeback, will face each other in a playoff so that they can classify the America Cup which will be held in the months of June and July of the next year.

The Mexican team would play its match against Trinidad and Tobago; while the representative of Costa Rica would face Jamaicalooking for the last two tickets for the continental competition.


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