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The World Health Organization (WHO) urged this Wednesday to eliminate limitations on women's access to voluntary termination of pregnancy, since these increase the number of deaths and risks associated with unsafe and clandestine abortion.


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The Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health at WHO, Craig Lissner, declared through a statement that: “Virtually every death or harm caused by unsafe abortion is completely preventable and therefore we recommend that every woman and girl have access to abortion. and family planning services when you need it.”

The international organization emphasized that about 39,000 women die each year as a result of improper conditions in clandestine abortions. At the same time, millions of women in the world suffer harm and injuries to their bodies because they do not have access to abortion in a legal and safe manner.

In this sense, according to the WHO, of an estimated 50 million abortions, only 50 percent are performed in safe conditions. In turn, 60 percent of unsafe interruptions are carried out on the African continent and 30 percent in Asia.

To counteract the alarming figures, the WHO recommended through a guide that abortion should be an intervention belonging to primary health care, in which psychological treatment is also offered to patients.

Similarly, the body urges not to criminalize abortion practices, since in a large part of the countries it is criminally sanctioned. Likewise, the WHO recommends eliminating mandatory waiting periods, as well as parental or partner authorizations.

About twenty countries do not present a legal basis for abortion or keep it reserved for certain situations, in which the mental health of the mother is affected.

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