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The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this Thursday that health networks around the world counted about 3.4 million cases of the virus that causes Covid-19 in the last day, which marks a new daily record in a moment when the Omicron variant predominates.


WHO warns that more than 50% of Europeans will have Covid-19 in two months

This number of cases is similar to the amount reported in the first four months of the Covid-19 and the accumulated in two years reached 312 million, a conservative figure, since the global health entity points out that many of the cases are not diagnosed or notified.

Despite the exponential increase in infections, the death statistics remain stable and close to 7,000 deaths per day, 7,700 in the last 24 hours.

However, the WHO advises not to underestimate the capacity of Ómicron to cause damage, despite the predominance of patients of little or no severity, since many health systems suffer from the increase in cases.

Likewise, the global entity warns that this will not be the last "variant of concern" of the virus to be detected, without being able to foresee whether the next one will cause a disease of more or less seriousness.

The Omicron variant was detected in South Africa at the beginning of November 2021 and already contains 58.5 percent of the analyzes processed by the global network of laboratories of the Global Influenza Data Exchange Initiative (Gisaid, for its acronym in English). This implies that it is already the dominant, surpassing the dominance that delta had throughout the past year.

After becoming present in Africa, it spread in Europe and America and has been registered in all the regions studied by the United Nations Agency for Health with almost vertical increases in the contagion curves on all continents.

Of the more than 357,000 tests performed at Gisaid laboratories in the last 30 days, more than 208,000 detected this variant. According to the WHO report presented this week, Ómicron is capable of evading immunity, since there is transmission between vaccinated people and people who have overcome the disease and have developed antibodies.

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