Who is the most affected by the arrival of Diego Lainez to Tigres for the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX?

Diego Lainez uniformed with the colors of Betis.

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The arrival of Diego Lainez to Tigres de la UANL is practically closed, since the Mexican player is no longer in Europe and is in Monterrey in order to confirm his inclusion in the group of Argentine Diego Cocca. Nevertheless, Lainez's arrival would directly affect a player, because from Mexico it is said that The strategist would place the former player of America as the first option before a current element of the feline group.

This is Sebastián Córdova, a player who since the arrival of Cocca, the two-time champion with Atlas, he's only had a handful of minutes. In the current Clausura 2023 of the Liga MXthe feline element barely played 1' against Santos Laguna and 2' against Pachuca, in the first two days of the contest.

However, this is not all, because although he had minutes during the Sky Cup, Córdova could not be decisive in the face of the goal, reason for which there is talk of a lack of conviction on the part of the coaching staff towards the player, which I could not get a starting position when Miguel 'Piojo' Herrera was in command of the royal team.

As a result, Lainez would arrive to take the position of said element, which would not only be relegated to the bench permanentlybut also you could lose your weekly call for commitments or you could even lose the opportunity to continue on the roster of the feline group that will seek to shout champion with all its offensive power led by André Pierre Gignac and Nicolás Ibáñez.

Numbers of Sebastián Córdova with Tigres UANL

Córdova has not managed to do great things during his stay in the university teamit is for this reason that the player only has 34 games with the Tigres de la UANL shirt, in which he scored five goals and provided six assists.

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