'Who is the Mask?': Galilea Montijo and Omar Chaparro reveal what they would do to avoid being discovered

Galilea Montijo and Omar Chaparro.

Photo: TelevisaUnivision / Univision

Yes, we know that they are the presenter and the debutant judge officiallyl… However, Galilea Montijo and Omar Chaparro have their little secrets and reveal what they would do to avoid being discovered if they were participants in 'Who is the Mask?'.

It is that in truth both Omar and Galilea have shown that they are given to singing, he by profession and talent and she because she is encouraged by everything what is put in front of you. But this Sunday, in what Univision calls 'Family Sundays,' a new season of 'Who is the Mask?' At 8/7 PM Downtown.

During 10 episodes, Gali, along with Yuri, Carlos Rivera and Juanpa Zurita, as judges who are known as "investigators", must discover which celebrities there is behind each interpretation and each costume!

Omar Chaparro with the researchers of 'Who Has the Mask': Galilea Montijo, Yuri, Carlos Rivera and JuanPa Zurita
Omar Chaparro with the researchers of 'Who Has the Mask': Galilea Montijo, Yuri, Carlos Rivera and JuanPa Zurita. Photo: TelevisaUnivision

But back to the subject that gives title to this article, We tell you what the presenter and judge or investigator said:

in case of Galilea Montijo told 'Despierta América' that she believed that if she had to compete, she would go for a song in English. Why? because he says that it is a language that he does not fully understand, and that he has never interpreted, so it would be difficult for the jury to discover it that easily.

In the case of Omar Chaparro has it even more difficultWell, the presenter of the reality show on Univision on Sundays, he is also a singer, and one of the good ones! But in interview with journalist Mauricio Ginestra, he assured that he would go to reggaeton but with a Bad Bunny-style voiceHe even dared to improvise how he would do it. Don't you believe us? Look below.



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