Who is Mora, the artist who will give a concert at the Pepsi WTC in CDMX?

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Mora will be presented in three cities in the country. | @Blackberry.

This Tuesday, August 29, blackberry threw STARhis most recent studio album. The cover stands out with an evocative photograph of a boy holding a star against a backdrop of chaotically painted blue crayon walls. This image immediately evokes feelings of nostalgia and remembrance, emotions that are reflected in the fifteen melodies that make up the album.

The production landed on digital platforms just in time for their next presentations in Mexico. And it is that the urban music scene has witnessed the rise of numerous talents in recent decades, and one of the names that has been gaining recognition is that of Mora. But who is this artist who has captured the attention of fans around the world?

His ability to combine emotional lyrics with catchy rhythms has allowed him to stand out in a genre saturated with talent. | @Blackberry.
His ability to combine emotional lyrics with catchy rhythms has allowed him to stand out in a genre saturated with talent. | @Blackberry.

Mora, whose real name is Bryan Samuel Morales Reyes, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on May 11, 1991. His love for music began at a young age, and he quickly realized that he wanted to become a professional artist. However, his path to success was not easy. Mora worked tirelessly, creating and perfecting your sound and styleuntil he managed to capture the attention of the music industry.

The urban genre, especially he reggaeton and the trap, has been the main stage where Mora has shown her talent. Her ability to combine emotional lyrics with catchy beats it has allowed him to stand out in a genre saturated with talent. The authenticity and passion with which she approaches his music is evident in each of her songs.

Although Mora has had several hits as a solo artist, her collaboration with other artists in the genre has further propelled her career. She has worked with figures such as Jhay Cortez, Anuel AA, and Bad Bunny, with whom co-wrote and participated in the song "Una Vez", belonging to the album YHLQMDLG Bad Bunnywhich cemented his position as one of the genre's most promising songwriters and singers.

Mora has collaborated with artists such as Bad Bunny, Tainy, Jhay Cortez. | @Blackberry.
Mora has collaborated with artists such as Bad Bunny, Tainy, Jhay Cortez. | @Blackberry.

In addition to his talent for composition and performance, Mora has proven to be a versatile artist. Throughout his career, he has experimented with different subgenres and styles, always managing to maintain its essence. This adaptability has allowed it to reach different audiences and stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

One of the most notable aspects of Mora is his ability to connect with his audience through his lyrics. Her songs often deal with themes of love, heartbreak and everyday life, making her listeners feel identified.

Regarding her discography, Mora has released numerous singles and albums that have been well received by both critics and the public. After his successful collaborations, the publication of First day of class in 2021 it was proof that he was an artist deserving of the spotlight. He later released Microdose and Paradise in 2022.

Mora released her new album 'ESTRELLA' this August 29th. | @Blackberry.
Mora released her new album 'ESTRELLA' this August 29th. | @Blackberry.

This 2023 returns with STARan album that represents an evolution in his career with rhythms like drum n' bass or jersey club. According to the Puerto Rican, this album arose from his constant need to create music and not so much with the intention of creating a new album. When he realized it, he already had more than six songs created, so he had to shape it into a new production.

Mora told Apple Music that For him, music is like an amusement park because he "sees", "trying things", "exploring sounds and new things". Although he knows that he has the public's attention, he is waiting for his next step. But ‚ÄúI'm really a person who goes around, just living my life in a quiet way and enjoying music. Thank God that has worked, people don't know what to expect from me‚ÄĚ.

The artist will step on the stages of CDMX, Monterrey and Culiac√°n. | @Blackberry.
The artist will step on the stages of CDMX, Monterrey and Culiac√°n. | @Blackberry.

The Puerto Rican has already set foot on Aztec lands in various music festivals and also with shows In solitary. But once again he will return to delight his fans with his new sounds, more experimental, more electronic and with a more specific musical narrative.

He Estela Tour de Mora will perform in Mexico City, Monterrey and Culiac√°n:

  • August 31 | Pepsi WTC, CDMX
  • September 2 | Citibanamex Auditorium, Guadalajara
  • September 7 | Tomateros Stadium Parking, Culiac√°n

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