Who is Ange Postecoglou? New Tottenham manager

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He Tottenham hotspur announced this Tuesday the signing of Ange Postecoglou like new coach for the next four years.

Postecoglou arrives from glasgow celticwhere he has spent the last two years, earning two league titles, one Scottish cup and two Scottish League Cups. The Australian started his coaching career at the south melbournebefore moving on to the lower categories of the australian team and directing the absolute for four years, between 2013 and 2017.

His first adventure in Europe was with the panachakiof the Greek Third Division, in 2008. After coaching the Australian team, Postecoglou spent three years at the Yokohama Marines of the Japanese league before making the jump to the Celtic.

The Australian replaces ryan masonwho acted as interim technician in the last games of the season, after the also interim Christian Stelliniwho was an assistant to Anthony Contethe last permanent coach at Tottenham.

Postecoglou has before it the task of rebuild a Tottenham that carries fifteen years without winning a titlesince the League Cup that he won Juande Ramoswhich can lose to Harry Kane this summer and that next year he will not play in a European competition.

In addition, the London club has not had a sports director since Fabio Paratici had to resign after being suspended for thirty months by the FIFA to carry out their work, for irregularities committed during his time at Juventus in Turin.

Daniel Leviowner of the London club, stated the following about the arrival of the oceanic.

Ange brings us a positive mindset and a fast attacking style of play. He has an extensive record of developing players and understanding the importance of the youth system. We are very happy that Ange has joined us and to prepare for the coming season.

(With information from EFE)

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