Who is Amparo Cerón, the prosecutor who does not want to be removed from Petro's shortlist

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A controversy has broken out over the inclusion of Amparo Cerón in the short list sent by the president, Gustavo Petroto choose one Attorney General. Even the head of state himself rectified his decision, and last Tuesday, September 26, he asked the Supreme Court of Justice change the name of the jurist, who has been linked to alleged irregularities in the case Odebrecht to apply for Luz Adriana Camargo.

“Through your worthy channel, I inform the honorable Supreme Court of Justice of my decision to present a new shortlist for the election of Attorney General of the Nation with the names of the jurists Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón, Ángela María Buitrago Ruiz and Amelia Pérez Parra.”

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It should be remembered that after Cerón's announcement in the shortlist to elect prosecutor, several sectors, including some members of the Historical Pact, questioned the appointment of the lawyer close to Néstor Humberto Martínez.

Following the request of the head of state, Amparo Cerón sent a letter to the Supreme Court in which he states that he is unaware of Petro's decision, since he did not resign from joining the list of those eligible to reach the Attorney General's Office:

“I respectfully allow myself to inform you that, as of the date and time, I have not QUIT to be a member of the shortlist for Attorney General of the Nation, sent by the President of the Republic, Dr. Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego on August 2, 2023."

Likewise, Cerón indicated that after President Petro's decision he was exposed through defamation by a person convicted of corruption and reported by the press:

“The exclusion of my name, in the publicly known context, is as much as a condemnation against me, without a formula for judgment, without having been heard, without any right to defense, because it follows acts of insult and slander through media".

In response to the column written by journalist Daniel Coronell titled The infiltratorit has been announced that Amparo Cerón's name was included in the list of candidates after an evaluation that ruled out several names due to legal impediments or because they would reach the age of 70 during their mandate, such as the case of María del Rosario González .

Amparo Cerón's consideration was based on his investigations into prominent cases, including the massacres of La Rochela, Segovia and Mapiripán, as well as the murder of Jaime Garzón. Additionally, she was awarded the nickname “the iron prosecutor” for her first actions in the Odebrecht case, since she was responsible for ordering the arrest and presentation of charges against Otto Bula, Gabriel García Morales and José Elías Melo, who played central roles in said scandal.

However, allegations have arisen against him that raise doubts about its suitability. The former anti-corruption prosecutor, Luis Gustavo Moreno, convicted of corruption, stated that it was he who appointed Cerón for the Odebrecht case with the intention of influencing his actions.

“The Odebrecht case arrived in December. The prosecutor called me and told me: assemble a team of prosecutors to pay attention. I choose Cerón who tells me: 'boss, look, I do what I have to do, but I'm not going to move to Cartagena... I told him look 'I'll leave it here, I'll improve it, but I need you pay attention,'” Moreno mentioned in an interview with journalist María Jimena Duzán.

According to Moreno, Cerón was transferred to an office inside the Prosecutor's Office bunker to allow direct communication between the prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez and the deputy prosecutor, avoiding raising suspicions because Martínez had a conflict of interest for having been a lawyer for Corficolombiana. Moreno maintains that Martínez always maintained control over Odebrecht investigations without publicly revealing it.

In addition, a request for protection arose from Jorge Enrique Pizano, excontroller from Corficolombiana, who arrived at Cerón's office when she was serving as prosecutor 80. Unfortunately, this request received no response, and Pizano died three months later. It is alleged that he reported his findings to prosecutor Cerón.

In view of these questions, several individuals close to the Historical Pact project have urged the politician Gustavo Petro to withdraw the nomination of Amparo Cerón, who was removed from the Odebrecht case by Attorney General Francisco Barbosa in 2020.

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