WHO endorses oral antiviral to treat Covid-19 | News

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this Thursday that it is possible to use molnupiravir as a medicine in patients with Covid-19, being the first oral antiviral drug to treat the disease.


WHO reports a 16% decrease in Covid-19 infections

According to the international organization, the use of the drug can prevent hospitalization of the patient, but being a new product, the information regarding its safety and efficiency is brief.

The WHO recommended that it is not advisable to administer the dose to older adults, people with diseases in the immune system, as well as chronic conditions; as well as infants and pregnant women.

“Under the care of a healthcare provider, molnupiravir, an oral tablet, is given as four tablets twice a day for five days; within 5 days of symptom onset; Used as soon as possible after infection, it can help prevent hospitalization.

It should be noted that the few medical prescriptions for molnupiravir were obtained as a result of the clinical trial of the drug carried out on a total of 4,796 patients.

The highest health authority indicated that the new treatment against Covid-19 does not have the greatest availability, a process in which they are working to make the drug available to countries with access restrictions.