WHO approves Pfizer pill to treat Covid-19

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Fernando A. Mora Guillen*.

  • WHO approves Pfizer pill to treat Covid-19.
  • Ukraine assures that a temporary ceasefire has been agreed for the creation of humanitarian corridors.
  • Canada imposes tariffs of 35 percent on products from Russia and Belarus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) included Pfizer's anticovid pill Molnupiravir on Thursday among the recommended treatments to treat Covid 19, making it the first oral drug to combat the infection.

However, its use is recommended only in patients who have not developed Covid-19 in a serious way and are not at risk of hospitalization, such as people who have not received the vaccines, the elderly, patients with immunological deficiencies or chronic diseases. .

On the other hand, it is not recommended that the drug be used in children and pregnant or lactating women.

The drug produced by the German firm Merck is consumed in pill form and according to the WHO, if used with the first symptoms of infection, it can prevent hospitalizations.

The WHO recommends the consumption of four 800-milligram tablets twice a day for the usual time that symptoms of the disease develop, which is approximately 5 days.

The recommendations are based on data obtained from six randomized trials involving 4,796 patients.

The five-day treatment with molnupiravir can cost around 700 dollars, approximately 15,000 pesos, although if you opt for other types of alternative generics such as those already manufactured in India, the cost could drop to 20 dollars, which is equivalent to little more than 400 pesos.

Meanwhile, the most advisable thing we reiterate to safeguard our lives and that of our families, is to continue with the sanitary measures that we know well, the use of face masks, healthy distance, the use of antibacterial gel and continuous hand washing.

Take it with interest.- The second round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations since Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine concluded yesterday with the agreement to create humanitarian corridors in some areas to evacuate civilians and declare a ceasefire in those places to allow it.

The second round took place in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in the Belarusian region of Brest, near the Polish border.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the office of Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolyak, said: "The parties have reached an understanding on the joint creation of humanitarian corridors with a temporary ceasefire."

It is a shame to see - eight days after starting a war for no reason - the destruction that can be seen in buildings in some cities, the devastation, the pain, the human losses, the wounded, the risk of bombing a nuclear plant . In short, let us hope that the humanitarian corridors will be established, so that more families leave their country and flee from the war zone.

ANDIt is a pity that people have to flee for their lives, leaving behind their homes, their belongings, their jobs and their daily lives, because dialogue is exhausted and President Vladimir Putin is unable to order a ceasefire and hostilities, dearly it will have to pay for the war against Ukraine, not only with economic sanctions; the International Criminal Court already investigates genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, among others.

The use of prohibited weapons intended to kill without discrimination is what people are now discussing as a very specific war crime.

Take it carefully.- Canada will revoke the special trade status of Russia and Belarus, imposing import tariffs of 35 percent on products from the two countries, said Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

"Russia and Belarus will no longer benefit from the advantages, in particular low customs tariffs, that Canada offers to the other member countries of the World Trade Organization."

Ottawa will also facilitate the refuge of Ukrainian citizens to alleviate the situation of those who have fled the country.

For her part, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand reported that Ottawa will provide Ukraine with 4,500 M72 anti-tank missile launchers, 7,500 hand grenades and one million dollars so that the Kiev authorities can acquire high-resolution satellite images.

And nations continue to punish Russia with economic sanctions, and reach out to Ukraine, so that they do not get directly involved in the war, but condemn the attack with economic sanctions.

It is unfortunate that in these times they seek to help the aggrieved nation by sending weapons, however nobility obliges, given the intensification of attacks and the oppression of the Ukrainian population.

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