Which artists could participate in the opening of the World Cup

So far FIFA has not confirmed anything, but speculations have already begun to emerge

There are almost 10 days left before the World Cup starts. Qatar 2022the biggest soccer festival, and although practically everything is ready to receive all the teams and their fans, one of the most important events remains a mystery.

It’s about the opening ceremonywhich in addition to having the presentation of all the nations that will participate in the fair, also performs numbers

about the culture of the host country and obviously a concert with stars of international stature.

So far, FIFA has kept all the details completely secret; However, some speculations have already begun to emerge and several celebrity names already sound like the protagonists of this historic moment.

One of the strongest candidates is Shakira, who despite not having had a good year, is one of the favorites to appear in Qatar 2022. Multiple reports from various countries have been pointing out, for a long time, that the woman from Barranquilla will be the main figure during this ceremony and the idea does not sound so crazy The interpreter of “Monotonia” already has a close relationship with the World Cups, the first time she participated was in Germany 2006then sang the theme of South Africa 2010 and also participated in Brazil 2014 with the theme “Dare”.

But Piqué’s ex-partner does not have a free path, since another name that is rumored is that of the popular Korean band BTS. These singers have become so prominent in the music scene that no one would be surprised to see them at the start of the World Cup; however, the group has just announced a pause in its activities since several of its members will have to enlist in the army of their country to comply with compulsory military service.

On the other hand, the British Dua Lipa It is also on the list of candidates, for the singer it would not be her first approach to the world of soccer, in 2018 she appeared in the Champions League final.

Although any of these celebrities could be a strong letter for the ceremony, for now nothing is official and we will have to wait until next November 20 to see what happens.