Where to place aloe vera in the home for luck: the best and worst locations

Aloe is a plant that absorbs negative energies.

Photo: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

Aloe vera or “aloe vera” is one of the most mystical plants because spiritual properties are attributed to it, such as absorb negative energies and attract good luck. In the home there are locations that are more suitable to take advantage of its powers, and if you place it in places that do not favor it, it can be neutralized.

This succulent species of the Asphodelaceae family has become world famous for its medicinal and aesthetic properties. Since ancient times it has been used as an ointment for scrapes or burns, and it is currently one of the favorite plants of natural cosmetology for skin treatments.

One of the most wonderful properties of aloe vera is the ability to absorb up to 90% of the toxicity produced by materials such as PVC, varnish, fiberglass and paint, among others, and its energetic benefits are similar: it eliminates the negativity of the environments.

According to Bioguia.com, aloe works as protector and bearer of good luck That is why it is widely used in businesses and workplaces.

Where to place aloe vera for good luck?

If you want fortune you can plant one in the garden. The belief indicates that, as it grows, your luck and profits will increase. If you don’t have a garden, can be placed in a pot and placed on the right side of the front doorIf it almost withers or dies, it means that it has absorbed all the negative energy from the environment and you will have to place a new one.

According to astrologer Mizada Mohamed “everything that has thorns, such as cactus or aloe should be placed outside the house.” recommended place it outside the front door on the left side, so that if you look at it from the inside it is on your right side.

“When people come (to your house), what aloe vera does is absorb the negativity of that person or yours,” said Mizada in a video posted on his YouTube channel. If you want to place an aloe inside the house, he added, it is if you tie it with garlic and a red ribbon as if it were an amulet.

Where not to place aloe vera in the home

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, aloe should not be placed in bedrooms as it is believed that it can drain energy, nor in the bathroom because they represent the Chinese element of wood and is counteracted with the energy of water.

In the office, if you have a lot of envy and you want to use it to neutralize it, you should place it as far away from you as possible and near a door.

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