Where does the Army put the money?

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By. Ruben Cortes

The military receives a fifth of the eight billion Budgetbut Helicopters fall due to lack of gasoline, they hack them, they seize less drugs, arrest fewer drug traffickers. Where do they put the resources?

There are two here:

1.- The military are terrible at using the colossal amounts of money they receive from our taxes, and from what the national economy generates in production and exports.

2.- The 500 million pesos a day that, according to the government, they receive from the Budget approved by the majority of the ruling party in the Chamber of Deputies do not reach the military.

So there are reasons to doubt. For example, in the information that the president accepts that she was hacked to the Sedenathere are bank movements of cabinet members and people of the first circle.

The president himself reported that he will leave his favorite works to the military, to ensure that they continue to be his. “If I leave them in SCT or FONATUR they take them away; but it will be difficult to take them away from the military”.

However, the big question today is to know what the military spends 770 billion pesos of the Budget on, plus the profits that remain from medicines, airports, customs, tourism.

In July a helicopter fell on them because it ran out of gas; last Saturday, another. Total: 17 dead soldiers. And they just had six terabytes of data hacked, because their computers are unprotected.

In addition, their results are down to the large amount of resources they manage, so many that they exceed 13 NATO armies in money and troops. Let us read in the President's Fourth Report:

-You cannot prevent organized crime from killing a Mexican every 15 minutes. They add up to 131,788 homicides so far this six-year term.

–In 2021, it eliminated just 1,040 hectares of marijuana and 11,162 of poppy: the lowest figure in the last 20 years.

–In 2021, it captured just 91 tons of marijuana, 32,000 synthetic drug pills and 207 kilograms of opium gum: the lowest figures in the last 20 years.

–In 2021, he arrested just 10,889 subjects linked to drug trafficking: the lowest figure in the last 20 years.

–In 2021 he secured just 9,379 vehicles, planes and boats from drug trafficking: the lowest figures in the last 15 years.

–In 2021, it confiscated just 20,433 firearms from drug cartels: the lowest figure in the last 11 years.

No, the box doesn't match the ticket at all. The Navy builds the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, with 120 billion pesos in cash.

And helicopters collapse due to lack of gasoline.


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