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The Latin Grammys They are one of the most important musical events, since year after year they recognize the best of the Latin industry. As is customary, in these awards there is a Mexican presence and this 2023 could be a very good one for all of them.

Among the nominees that attract the most attention is Featherweight, who obtained several nominations and has placed himself as the best exponent of the lying corridos. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about the Latin Grammy 2023 that will take place soon.

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Who will be at the Latin Grammy 2023?

Something that characterizes the Latin Grammys is that the nominees and other artists perform on stage and this year those who will give a live performance are: Rauw Alejandro, Kany García, Alejandro Sanz, Christian Nodal, Carín León, Feid, Bizarrap, María Becerra, Peso Pluma, among others.

Those who will also give a presentation are Majo Aguilar, Paula Arenas, Mike Bahía, Vanessa Martín, Elena Rose, Thiaguinho and Julieta Venegas. These artists will perform at the Latin Grammy Premiere.

And the hosts of the Latin Grammy 2023 are...

This year the Grammy Awards gala will be hosted by four personalities.

Danna Paola, Sebastián Yatra, Paz Vega and Roselyn Sánchez They will be in charge of being the hosts.

When and where will the Latin Grammy 2023 be?

If you want to see the award ceremony, we tell you that the Latin Grammy 2023 will be held for the first time at the Palacio de Congresos and Exhibitions of Seville, Spain.

The awards will take place this November 16.

Where to watch the Latin Grammy 2023?

The musical event will begin at 5:30 PM central Mexico time and they will broadcast it through channels like TNT and Univision in the United States.

You will also be able to watch the awards on the HBO Max platform, which for some time has been responsible for broadcasting important awards shows such as the Oscars.

List of nominees for the Latin Grammy 2023

Here we leave you the complete list of nominated artists who will seek to win a GrammyWho are your favorites?

Best urban music album

  • Xtassy - Akapellah
  • Saturn - Rauw Alejandro
  • 3Men2 Kbrn - Eladio Carrion
  • Happy Birthday Ferxxo We Pirated Your Album - Feid
  • Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful - Karol G
  • Alma-Nicki Nicole

Best urban song

  • Automatic Maria Becerra
  • La Jumpa - Arcangel and Bad Bunny
  • My Best Song - Gocho and Farruko
  • Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 - Bizarrap y Quevedo
  • TQG - Karol G and Shakira
  • Yandel 150 - Yandel & Feid

Best reggaeton performance

  • Automatic - Maria Becerra
  • The Recipe - Tego Calderon
  • Happy Birthday Ferxxo - Feid
  • Catwoman - Karol G & Maldy
  • Hey Mor - Ozuna & Feid

Best Rap/Hip Hop Song

  • Self-taught - J Noa
  • Coco Chanel - Eladio Carrion and Bad Bunny
  • Shoot*** - Nicki Nicole and Milo J
  • I Ask God - Feid and Dj Premier
  • Pá Ganá - Akapellah
  • Ask Your Dad About Me - Vico C

Best Urban Fusion/Performance

  • La Jumpa - Arcangel Featuring Bad Bunny
  • I hope - Maria Becerra
  • Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 - Bizarrap & Quevedo
  • TQG - Karol G & Shakira
  • Yandel 150 - Yandel & Feid

Best long version music video

  • Camilo - The First Tour Of My Life
  • Donde Machi - Full Album
  • Fanm Zetwal - A Story of Life and Miracles
  • Universe K23 - Kenya Os
  • Homeland and Life: The Power Of Music

Best merengue and/or bachata album

  • Cuatro26 - Manny Cruz
  • Road Trip - Manny Manuel
  • Tropico, Vol. 2 - Pavel Núñez
  • Formula, Vol. 3 - Romeo Santos
  • My Way - Sergio Vargas

Best salsa album

  • Catharsis - Daniela Darcourt
  • I'm Going To You - Luis Figueroa
  • Changes - Willy García
  • Niche Symphonic - Niche Group and National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia
  • Land and Freedom - Plena79 Salsa Orchestra & Alain Pérez and Jeremy Bosch
  • Debut and Second Round (Deluxe) - Gilberto Santa Rosa

Best new artist

  • Borja
  • Divine Connection
  • Ana Del Castillo
  • Natascha Falcao
  • Gale
  • Paola Guanche
  • Joaquina
  • Leon Leiden
  • Maréh
  • Timø

Best tropical song

  • Ambulance - Camilo and Camila Cabello
  • Light Day [80 Aniversario] - Pablo Milanés & Juanes
  • El Merengue - Marshmello & Manuel Turizo
  • The Formula - Maluma and Marc Anthony
  • Let Me Stay - Techy Fatule
  • If You Love Me - Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra

Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

  • Unanimous - Roxana Amed
  • Flying Chicken - Hamilton From Holland Featuring Thiago Rabello & Salomão Soares
  • Bembé - Iván 'Melon' Lewis & The Cuban Swing Express
  • Profiles - William Maestre Big Band
  • I Missed You Too! - Chucho Valdés & Paquito D'Rivera (Sextet Reunion)

Best singer-songwriter album

  • Nine - Santiago Cruz
  • The Best Years - Joaquina
  • Of All Flowers - Natalia Lafourcade
  • Land of Promises - Maréh
  • The Tightrope walker - Juan Carlos Pérez Soto

Best singer-songwriter song

  • Of All Flowers - Natalia Lafourcade
  • The Root - Valeria Castro
  • 1,200 Kilometers - Nine
  • If They Kill Me - Silvana Estrada
  • Your Story - Juan Carlos Pérez Soto

Best song in Portuguese language

  • Intimate Algorithm - Criolo, Ney Matogrosso
  • Do Acaso - Alice Caymmi Featuring Chico César
  • Num World Of Peace - Djavan
  • How about Samba? - (Tiago Iorc)

Best northern music album

  • Clearing The Mind - Joss Favela
  • Family & Friends - Grandma Irma Silva
  • Out of Series - Northern Energy
  • Milk Fang - Carin León
  • There Are Levels (Deluxe) - Los Rieleros Del Norte

Best Ranchera/Mariachi Music Album

  • Se Canta Con El Corazón (Deluxe) - Majo Aguilar
  • Hand Embroidery - Ana Bárbara
  • It Only Dies If It Is Forgotten - Adriel Favela
  • Heirs - Mariachi Herencia De México
  • Outlaw EP2 - Christian Nodal

Best Regional Mexican Song

  • Clearing The Mind - Joss Favela
  • Alaska - Camilo and Grupo Firme
  • She Dances Alone - Armed Link and Featherweight
  • The Next - Kany García and Christian Nodal
  • Un X100to - Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny

Best Band Music Album

  • From Today Onwards - Good luck to you Julión Álvarez and His Norteño Banda
  • Made In Mexico...Magical - Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizárraga
  • Point and Apart - MS Band by Sergio Lizárraga
  • A Cup For Every Queen (Deluxe) - Nathan Galante
  • 1500 Pedas - The Addictive
  • I'd Rather Be With You (Deluxe) - La Arrolladora Banda El Limón by René Camacho

Best pop/rock album

  • The Devil in the Body - Alex Anwandter
  • Advanced Trench - Babasonicos
  • The Little Man of the Sea - León Gieco
  • Everyday Life - Juanes
  • Tripolar - You Point It Out
  • Say goodbye to everyone - Juan Pablo Vega

Best urban interpretation in Portuguese language

  • Da Favela Pro Asfalto - Àttøøxxá & Carlinhos Brown
  • Friend Notice - GIULIA BE
  • Faith - Iza
  • Distopia - Planet Hemp Featuring Criolo
  • Good Vibe - Filipe Ret, Dallass, Caio Luccas

song of the year

  • Acrostic - Shakira
  • Friends - Pablo Alborán and María Becerra
  • Of all the flowers - Natalia Lafourcade
  • She dances alone - Armed Link and Featherweight
  • NASA - Camilo & Alejandro Sanz
  • Brown eyes - Lasso
  • Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - Bizarrap and Shakira
  • If you love me - Fonseca and Juan Luis Guerra
  • TQG - Karol G and Shakira
  • Un x100to - Grupo Frontera with Bad Bunny

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

  • Blind - Paula Arenas
  • That Hurts Me - Camilú
  • Fourteenth - Andrés Cepeda
  • Pleasures and Sins - Vanesa Martín

Best alternative song

  • Eaves/Pompeii - La Vida Boheme
  • ANASTASIA - Cami
  • Radiant Scar - El David Aguilar
  • The Dark Side of the Heart - Dante Spinetta
  • Drink - iLe & Mon Laferte

best rock song

  • Predators - From the Earth
  • The Floor Is Lava - Everything Appears Normal and An Espil & Evlay
  • Gray - Juanes
  • Leche De Tigre - Diamante Eléctrico and Adrián Quesada
  • Los Perros - Arde Bogotá, composer - Arde Bogotá

Best rock album

  • Extreme Intimate - 30 Years - ANIMAL
  • Cowboys Of The A3 - Arde Bogotá
  • From the Earth III - From the Earth
  • Dopelganga - Eruca Sativa
  • Only D'Lira - Molotov

Best Samba/Pagode Album

  • Black Opera - Martinho Da Vila
  • Resenha Do Mumu - Mumuzinho
  • Desse Jeito - Maria Rita
  • Sambasá - Roberta Sá
  • My Name is Thiago André (Ao Vivo) - Thiaguinho

Best Pop Vocal Album

  • The Fourth Sheet - Pablo Alborán
  • Beautiful Humans Vol.1 - Alemor
  • From Inside to Outside - Camilo
  • La Neta - Pedro Capó
  • Your Story - Julieta Venegas

Best Pop Song

  • 5:24 - Camilo
  • I Dance for You - Monsieur Periné
  • With you - Sebastian Yatra & Pablo Alborán
  • Let Me Cry - Paula Arenas & Jesús Navarro
  • Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - Bizarrap and Shakira

Composer of the year

  • Edgar Barrera
  • Kevyn Mauricio Cruz
  • Felipe González Abad
  • Manuel Lorente Freire
  • Horacio Palencia
  • Elena Rose

Best sertaneja music album

  • Ao Vivo at Radio City Music Hall Nova Iorque - Chitãozinho & Xororó
  • Daniel 40 Years Celebrates João Paulo & Daniel - Daniel
  • É Simples Assim (Ao Vivo) - Jorge & Mateus
  • Reais Decrees - Marília Mendonça
  • Root - Lauana Prado

Best rock or alternative music album in Portuguese language

  • Don't Wait for Me at the Station - Lô Borges
  • Gardeners - Planet Hemp
  • My Outline - Rachel Reis
  • Extraordinary Abilities - Tulipa Ruiz
  • Olho Furta-Cor - Titas

Record of the year

  • It's not that I miss you - Christina Aguilera
  • Road and blanket - Pablo Alborán
  • Let me cry for you - Paula Arenas and Jesús Navarro
  • Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - Bizarrap and Shakira
  • If you love me - Fonseca and Juan Luis Guerra
  • While I heal from my heart - Karol G
  • Of all the flowers - Natalia Lafourcade
  • Brown eyes - Lasso
  • The formula - Maluma and Marc Anthony
  • Despechá - Rosalía
  • Road Runner - Alejandro Sanz and Danny Ocean

Album of the year

  • The fourth leaf - Pablo Alborán
  • Blind - Paula Arenas
  • From the inside out - Camilo
  • Fourteenth - Andrés Cepeda
  • Everyday life - Juanes
  • Tomorrow will be nice - Karol G
  • Of all the flowers - Natalia Lafourcade
  • Play - Ricky Martín
  • Eadda9223 - Fito Páez
  • Escalona had never been recorded like this - Carlos Vives


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