What's next: changing the Constitution

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Ruben Cortes.

The 2024 elections will be the last with a chance of winning the opposition in at least the next two decades. Because there is no national populism, like that of this president, without changing the Constitution, to implement “21st century Socialism.”

The warning is clear. It is not only those who live very happy who see it, because they do not look beyond their noses. The president says it, and his squires repeat it: win the qualified majority in Congress to tie up the totalitarian project before the 2027 midterms.

This is how the Castro-Chavist design initiated in Venezuela works: after being tied up for the first six years, the regime modified the Constitution to create new instances of Government, another administrative organization and change the socioeconomic system.

After national populism achieves this, everything goes smoothly, because it assembles its own institutions to remain in power forever. The current Mexican president always warned: “To hell with their institutions.” Yes, to implement yours.

Because the current Mexican president never sent the devil the institutions, eh: he always said “his” institutions. Chávez, Maduro, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales... created their own electoral, judicial and legislative bodies.

Because, just as there is no national populism without changing the Constitution, there is no national populism without institutions either. In Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia there are periodic elections, Court, Congress, political parties, press... but already controlled by those in power.

Here, the president warns:

–“We have to win a qualified majority in Congress in 2024, and for that we have to get the people to vote en bloc for Morena, to carry out reforms to the Constitution that are fundamental for change, such as the reform of the Judiciary.

Noroña, who would be its leader in the Chamber of Deputies, warns:

–“When comrade Claudia wins, we should convene a constituent power, a people's assembly to make a new Constitution and throw back all the neoliberal reforms.”

Morena proposes in the Senate:

–“The former presidents of Mexico will be able to be senators of the Republic starting in 2030, reforming article 56 of the Constitution, so that the experience and political capital of the former presidents are valued for the benefit of the country.”

That is to say, this president closely follows the book of the 46 national-populist governments that have been registered in the world from 1990 to date: 17 of them changed the Constitution to extend their mandate and eliminate all legal counterweight.

He will do the same thing that national-populist governments have done before, especially the Chavista dictatorship of Venezuela, which is the holy spirit of Latin American national-populism. Maduro even made another Constitution, on top of Chávez's.

And, in Mexico, the political group in power will not do anything different from Chavismo.

They are the same.

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