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After the candidates for the presidency of Argentina closed their campaigns this Thursday, the people of the South American nation will decide next Sunday, October 22 in a polarized general election.


Presidential candidates close campaign in Argentina

Between 08:00 and 18:00 (local time, 11:00 and 21:00 UTC), Argentines will elect the next president and vice president, 19 Mercosur parliamentarians by national district, 24 parliamentarians and Mercosur parliamentarians by regional district, 130 national deputies throughout the country, as well as 24 national senators in 8 provinces.

According to Argentine electoral regulations, in the presidential elections, in which the person who will take office on December 10 will be defined, the entire national territory is considered a single district.

In the event that none of the formulas obtains more than 45 percent of the validly cast vote or more than 40 percent with a difference greater than ten percentage points to the second formula, a second round or runoff would be necessary, which would be held on next November 19.

The last PASO elections held in August decided the five candidates who aspire to the presidency. They are: Sergio Massa from Unión por la Patria; Javier Milei from Libertad Avanza, Patricia Bullrich from Together for Change, Juan Schiaretti from Hacemos por Nuestro País and Myriam Bregman from the Left Front.

Massa, current Minister of Economy, with an extensive political career, has served as director of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), head of the Cabinet and president of the Chamber of Deputies.

Milei, who won the PASO, is a far-right with a radical neoliberal program. The national deputy since 2021 proposes, among other issues, a sharp cut in public spending and the elimination of the National Bank.

Bullrich, the former Minister of Security of former President Mauricio Macri, has proposed a labor reform, a reduction in spending, the replacement of social plans with a “mandatory civil service,” as well as a controversial new loan to the IMF.

Schiaretti, governor of the province of Córdoba since 2015, has held other positions such as Secretary of Commerce and Industry of Argentina, deputy on three occasions, as well as Minister of Production.

Bregman, a national deputy since 2021, is the national leader of the Socialist Workers Party (PTS) and presents a left-wing program, which has gained popularity in recent debates, and which includes a break with the IMF.

According to national media, taking into account the results of the PASO and the polls, Massa and Milei should advance to a second round, in which the next head of state would finally be defined.

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