What will the weather be like today at AMBA during the beginning of spring and Student Day

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Clouds will be present throughout the day (Photo: Adrián Escandar)

The spring and the Student Day They began with drizzles in some areas of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN), the outdoor activities planned for today could be affected by possible rainfall. Additionally, skies are expected to remain mostly cloudy.

Traditionally, on September 21, thousands of young Argentines organize meetings in parks, barbecues, picnics and other activities to celebrate their day and officially inaugurate spring, a season of the year that is usually characterized by the beginning of the longest days and the flowering of the flowers. floors. Everything seems to indicate that, at least in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and the Buenos Aires suburbs, plans must be indoors at least until noon this Thursday.

In that sense, for today a mostly cloudy sky is forecast with drizzles in the morning, which will be accompanied by winds from the eastern sector rotating west and then south, and a temperature that will range between a minimum of 15 degrees and a maximum of 22 degrees. According to the SMN, the situation is expected to improve slightly in the afternoon, when there will be up to a 10 percent chance of rain. However, the intensity of the wind will increase, since bursts between 13 and 22 km/h.

The extended forecast for CABA (SMN)
The extended forecast for CABA (SMN)

Meanwhile, for the Fridayprecipitation would not be a problem, since the organism dependent on the Ministry of Defence It anticipates a day with a mostly cloudy sky, winds from the east with gusts of up to 50 kilometers per hour during the night. Temperatures will be between a minimum of 13 degrees and a maximum of 20 degrees.

Clouds will remain present throughout the weekend, with a slight improvement towards Sunday, when the sun is expected to rise again. However, temperatures will remain cool on Saturday, with values ​​between 13ºC and 19ºC, while for the last day of the weekend the projected thermal values ​​range between 13 and 18 degrees.

The map of maximum temperatures predicted for the AMBA (SMN)
The map of maximum temperatures predicted for the AMBA (SMN)

Weeks ago, the SMN anticipated that for this spring 2023, "a normal or warmer quarter than normal in the north and east of the province of Buenos Aires" is forecast, and "normal" temperature values ​​for this time of year in the west of Buenos Aires. In addition, he announced that the projected rainfall will remain between normal levels for this time of year in Buenos Aires, unlike what will happen in other areas such as the north and south of the Coast, where the level of accumulated rain is expected to be higher than usual or normal, but tending to exceed some parameters.

Year after year, thousands of high school students gather in the green spaces of the Federal Capital to celebrate Student's Day. Among the favorite and most popular places are the Palermo forests, he Sarmiento Park, Puerto Madero and Centenario Park, where groups of friends meet to share and enjoy together. In addition, other outdoor activities take place, such as music shows and entertainment.

On the occasion of this celebration, different areas of the Buenos Aires Government will carry out a traffic and security operation in the areas of greatest concentration, according to what was learned. Infobae.

Spring Day in the City of Buenos Aires (Photo: Maximiliano Luna)
Spring Day in the City of Buenos Aires (Photo: Maximiliano Luna)

On the other hand, despite the forecast of drizzle, the City Ministry of Culture organized a new edition of the event “Everyone to the Amphitheater with Cultural Pass” starting at 3 p.m., in which the urban artist FMK will perform. The recital will take place at the Parque Centenario Amphitheater, located on Leopoldo Marechal and Av. Lillo, and will be held outdoors and free of charge.

A concert will be held at the Parque Centenario Amphitheater. (Photo: City Government)
A concert will be held at the Parque Centenario Amphitheater. (Photo: City Government)

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