What will the presidential runoff be like in Argentina? | News

What will the presidential runoff be like in Argentina? |
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Next Sunday, November 19, the second round of the presidential elections will be held in Argentina, where citizens will define the new president for the next four years between the candidates Javier Milei, from La Libertad Avanza, and Sergio Massa, from Unión por la Patria. .


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The candidates reached this stage because they were the two with the most votes and none obtained more than 45 percent of the necessary votes or more than 40 with a difference of ten percent over the second to win in the first round of the elections, held on last October 22.

The candidate Sergio Massa of Unión por la Patria obtained 36.7 percent of the votes, against 30 percent of Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza and 23.8 percent of Patricia Bullrich, who was the third most voted.

Argentina held the 2023 presidential elections on October 22 to elect Alberto Fernández's successor. In the first round there was a participation of 77.65 of the electoral roll.

Why will there be a runoff in the 2023 elections?

The Constitution of Argentina establishes in articles 97 and 98 that in the elections there must be a runoff when no presidential candidate obtains 45 percent of the votes or in the event that no one obtains 40 percent of the valid votes with a difference of at least minus 10 points over the second.

To win in the second round it is only necessary for a candidate to get more votes than his rival, regardless of the percentages or the difference that one has from the other, since with just one vote he can prevail in this type of election.

Is it mandatory to vote in the 2023 election runoff?

Voting is mandatory for those who appear on the electoral roll and are between 18 and 70 years old. However, for young people aged 16 and 17, as well as adults over 70, voting is optional.

If a voter did not participate in the elections on October 22, they will be able to vote in the runoff, since it is a right and an obligation. However, he must justify his absence in the October 22 elections before December 21.

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