What will happen to the concerts at the El Campín stadium: this was announced by the elected mayor Carlos Fernando Galán

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Carlos Fernando Galán is a self-confessed fan of Independiente Santa Fe - credit Colprensa
Carlos Fernando Galán is a self-confessed fan of Independiente Santa Fe - credit Colprensa

Carlos Fernando Galan He only needed the first day of elections in Bogotá to obtain the necessary votes to be elected the new mayor of the capital of Colombia in the period 2024-2027. The 46-year-old politician, a self-confessed fan of Independent Santa Fe, During the campaign, on several occasions, he referred to the controversial loans of the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium for holding concerts.

The new mayor, who will take office from January 1, 2024, assured that the public-private alliance which is currently in bidding will allow cultural events to converge without problem with sporting events that are scheduled in the modernized sports scene:

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“Bogotá with the public-private alliance that is being built, which is going to start for the stadium El Campinfor the headquarters of the Philharmonic, a commercial space, which will be for me an emblematic place in Bogotá. The investment is contemplated in more than 2 billion pesos. What is contemplated in the project is a stadium that has a roof and has the conditions that it represents to build it without ceasing to function and second that it can be done concerts one day and football games. “That solves the problem and we can guarantee that no one will be angry.”

The new sports and cultural project that will change urban planning in the Galerías neighborhood of Bogotá is projected to be executed over the next four years, starting in 2024. The company in charge of carrying out the work will be known in December 2023, after The times stipulated by law to receive offers from construction companies are met.

The stands currently built will be demolished to make way for a new sports arena that will go from having 39,724 spectators to 45,000 seats distributed as follows: 11,708 in the north, 9,237 in the south, 14,451 in the east and 9,604 in the west. The investment allocated for this project is 600,000 million pesos.

“With this public-private alliance, Bogotá and Colombia are ready to host a Soccer World Cup, without any inconvenience, meeting all the technical, sporting and institutional requirements that are required. We are also going to have two additional structures to dedicate to sports,” said Claudia López in dialogue with Infobae Colombia at the presentation event of the new stadium in the city of Bogotá.

He Government Program of Carlos Fernando Galán He speaks precisely about this intervention at the El Campín stadium where he undertakes to comply with the schedule and deliver periodic reports on the work:

“To guarantee the success and continuity of the Public-Private Association (PPP) of Campín, we will maintain rigorous monitoring of its critical areas, compliance with the established schedule, the quality of the infrastructure and the services that must be delivered in compliance with the standards. agreed. We will provide regular reports to keep the community and stakeholders up to date with the management of the project. “We will ensure effective communication and close coordination between all parties involved, ensuring the continued success of the project for the benefit of the community.”

During 2024, the project will enter the preconstruction phase, in which the winning company will have to carry out all the procedures established by the Public Private Partnerships law in the country. Once this is completed, construction will begin, which is projected until the end of 2027.

The stands will be partially intervened so as not to affect the development of the championship. It will start with the east, then the adjustments will come to the west and the last two will be south and north, in that order. Finally, it will be moved to the grass, the only time in which the stadium will no longer be leased and its execution will take between three and eight months.

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