What stores participate in Buen Fin 2023?

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Get to know the participating stores in physical and online format that will be part of the Buen Fin sales season. This time it will take place from November 17 to 20, with the objective of stimulating the Mexican economy before the Christmas season.

The stores and brands participating in El Buen Fin 2023

Self-service stores: Soriana, Chedraui, La Comer, Waldo's, HEB, Super del Norte and Super Compras.

Specialized stores: Home Depot, Office Depot, Martí Steren, Flexi, Huawei.

e-commerce: Amazon, Mercado Libre and Shein.

Department stores: Liverpool, Sears, El Palacio de Hierro, Coppel, Suburbia and Sanborns.

The official site of Good End 2023 will announce the complete list as the event date approaches. Therefore, other national, international and local brands that have participated in previous years are expected to join.

So far, only the aforementioned stores have announced their participation in El Buen Fin through their official sites and physical stores.

This way you can participate in the SAT del Buen Fin 2023 draw

During this weekend of offers, Consumers will also be able to participate in a raffle organized by the Secretary of tax administration (SAT), to obtain a prize of up to 250 thousand pesos. However, only people who make purchases with debit or credit cards will be able to participate.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Make a purchase of 250 pesos paid with your debit or credit card.
  • Register the ticket on the elbuenfin.org page to obtain a virtual ticket, in which you can win from 500 to the Grand Prize of 250 thousand pesos.
  • The person who wins will have their prize directly deposited into their account.

Some smart purchasing tips for El Buen Fin 2023

  • Create a list of the products you want to purchase: In this list you will be able to prioritize your needs and do without some items that you can buy at another time.
  • Define a budget: Based on the list of products you are going to buy, define an amount and try not to spend more.
  • Monitor prices before and during El Buen Fin: Once you have identified the products you are going to buy, it is recommended to monitor the current price and look during the sales season to see if the store raises the price to make a fraudulent discount.

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